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t - Index of Surnames

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TAYLOR1Polly (Mary) TAYLOR28 Nov 1773 - York Co., PA James DOUGLASS 
Tabor1Hattie Ann Tabor16 Feb 1898 Jacob Arthur Hobbs 
Taillebois2Adeliza Matilda TailleboisABT 1044 - of Normandy, France Hugh de Beauchamp 
Taillefer3Mathilde Taillefer1158 - Angouleme, France Hugh de Lusignan IX 
Talbot22Ann TalbotABT 1445 - Of, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England Sir Henry Vernon 
Talcott17Abraham TalcottABT. 1535  
Tallefer1Guillaume III TalleferABT 0947 - Toulouse, France Emma Venaissin 
Talvas3Adela TalvasABT 1120 Earl William de Warenne III 
Taverner2Katherine TavernerABT 1515 George Rainsford 
Taylecoat2Father Richard TaylecoatABT. 1400 - Warwickshire, England ?  
Taylor38Catherine Taylor27 Feb 1831 - Laurel County, Kentucky  
Teague2Florence Y. Teague24 Oct 1851 Eugene M. Bibbins 
Templin1Bernard George Templin8 May 1933 Marta Vonachen 
Tempset3Elizabeth TempsetABT 1387 - Bracewell, Yorkshire, England Richard Norton 
Terhune16Albert Terhune13 Aug 1651 - Utrecht, Long Island, NY Hendrickje Stevense Van Voorhees 
Testi1Skolgar TestiABT 0900  
Thaman1Leo Herman Thaman5 Sep 1934 Barbara Jean Burroughs 
Thayer4Carrie Thayer  
The Old1Hildegarde The Old  
Thomas4Dora Thomas  
Thompson7Anthony Thompson30 Aug 1612 - Lenham, Kent, England  
Thornton2Ellen Thornton1316 - Thornton, Cheshire, England Thomas Dutton 
Thorrarsson1Gor ThorrarssonABT 0365 - Of, Raumsdal, Norway  
Thouars1idlegaurde, ThouarsABT 1040 Hugh de Lusignan VI 
Thrandsdotter1Ingeberg ThrandsdotterABT 0886 - Uppsala, Sweden King Olof Bjornsson "Mitkg" of Sweden 
Throckmorton9Bassington Throckmorton1564 Mary Hill 
Thurlby1Linda Jean Thurlby John Moriarty 
Thurmand1Gertrude Thurmand Henry Darrow 
Thynne1Ellen ThynneJul 1814 - England William H. Handasyde 
Tilden11Anne TildenBEF 5 Nov 1570 - St. Mildreds, Mayfield, Sussex, England William Hatch 
Tilley6Elizabeth TilleyABT 1604 - Scroobay, Nottingham, England John Howland 
Tilman1Miss Tilman1628 - Virginia William Bethel 
Tireach1Murdeach TireachABT 0261 Muiron 
Tisdale2Abigail TisdaleABT 1685 - Duxbury, Plymouth, MA Benjamin Sprague 
Toni3Ralph Toni  
Tonnerre1Ermengarde TonnerreABT 1026 - of Nevers,Nievre,,France Count Guillaume de Nevers I 
Toothill1Richard Toothill15 Jun 1530 Elizabeth 
Torey1Sarah Torey1660 - Sciatuate, Mass.  
Torrey9Bethia Torrey1665 - Scituate, Mass. Robert Woodward 
Totantius1Ferreolus TotantiusBEF 0403 - Of, Rome, Rome, Italy  
ToteHylll1Thomas ToteHylll Elizabeth 
Touchet1Ann TouchetABT 1441 - Of, Heleigh, Staffordshire, England Thomas Duttton 
Toulouse4Count Raymond - II ToulouseABT 0895  
Tower50Abigail Tower22 May 1681 - Hingham, Mass.  
Trammell1Sarah Trammell1735 - of Fairfax Co., Va Thomas West 
Traungau2Count Rapoto I TraungauABT 0960  
Traveis1Richard Traveis - England Alice Yonge 
Travis1Joan TravisABT 1521 - England Robert Farrand 
Trayne3Alice TrayneABT 1280 Sir Adam Bowes 
Treadwell6Alexander TreadwellAFT 1524 - England Elizabeth 
Tregoz1Margaret Joan Tregoz1378 John D'Oyly 
Treves1Gui TrevesABT 0695  
Tripp1Ruth Tripp Samuel Bibbins 
Trivers1Ebria TriversABT 1051 Ralph de Engayne 
Trotter1Margery TrotterABT. 1546 - Braintree, Essex, England William Skinner 
Turner14Arthur Turner - England  
Tursell1Alice Hawise TursellBEF 1270 - Thornton, Cheshire, England Sir William Hellesby 
Tuttle5John Tuttle1631 Katherine Lane 
Twining9Barnabas Twining9 Sep 1705 - Eastham, Barnstable Co., MA. Hannah Sweet 
Tyllcott1John - , Of Warwick Tyllcott1510 - Chilvers Coton, Warwickshrie, England Marie Elizabeth 
Tyrrell2Edward Tyrrell Anne Pashley 
Tzautzina1Zoe TzautzinaABT 0875 Leo VI of Byzantium 

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