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n - Index of Surnames

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NELSON1Mary - 3rd wife NELSON1786 William DOUGLASS III 
Navarre1King Garcia IV NavarreABT 1020 Stephanie de Foix 
Nave2Theodore Alpheus Nave30 Mar 1847 - Decatur, Adams Co., Indiana  
Neale2Ann Neale4 Feb 1806 - Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland Richard Falley Cleveland 
Needham1Elizabeth Needham Joseph Kimball 
Nefia1Hrolf NefiaABT 0823 - of Norway  
Negele1John Leonhardt NegeleSep 1703 - Birstein, Hessen Germany Sarah 
Negley4Anna Catherne Negley4 Mar 1771 - Mt. Joy, Lancaster, Pa Henry Meyers 
Nelson3Abigail Nelson1863 - Indiana Charles C Smith 
Neville3John Neville1328 - Raby, Durham, England Maud de Percy 
Newell26Charles E NewellABT 1929 - Colorado  
Newman1Sarah Newman1665 - New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut Samuel Tuttle 
Nicholls1Elizabeth NichollsABT 1573 - Northclay, Kent, England Edmund Cooke 
Nicholson1Eunice Nicholson1791 - South Fredricksburgh Township, Lennox & Addington County, Ontario, Canada George Vandervoort 
Nircott1Petronella Nircott1428 - Stopham, Sussex, England Richard Bartlett 
Noble1Caroline Noble1837 - Penn. Benjamin F. Bethel 
Nonkassar1Catherine Nonkassar - Germany Johannes Michel 
Noreton1Margaret Noreton<1453> - Of, Rugge, Stompshire, England Richard Rugge 
Norsson1Raum "the Old" NorssonABT 0370 - Ogdum, Raumsdal, Norway Hildur Gudraudsdatter 
North4Edward North Sarah Bateman 
Northumbria1Ughtred NorthumbriaABT 0971 - Of, Northumbria, England Elfgifu of England 
Norton7Adam NortonABT 1400 - Sawley, Yorkshire, England Alice Nunwicke 
Norton Conyers6Anne Norton Conyers  
Norwood10Amanda Norwood1849 - Peoria Co., Ill. Frank Wead McConnell 
Nunez6Fernando NunezABT 0865 Gutina 
Nunwicke1Alice NunwickeABT 1402 - Sawley, Yorkshire, England Adam Norton 

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