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Albert Thomas Hart started the Hart Family Genealogy with “Our Folk” which he started sending to family members in 1972. He contacted many family members, contacted ancestors in Germany and did a wonderful job of research in the days before computers. He sent out updates every year until his death in 1982.

Albert Douglass Hart, Sr. spent many years adding to the databases. He and Ruth visited many of the homesteads of our ancestors and expanded the family tree in all directions. One of his greatest finds was stumbling across the Hoffman monument in Preble Co. Ohio, which helped trace that branch of the family back.

Albert Douglass Hart Jr. has continued to expand the research, and has created these web pages to share our family history with other researchers.

We thank all the other family members who have added to the family knowledge base.


Our Grandparents: (click on name to jump to page)


Albert Thomas Hart


Image of Albert Thomas Hart


Norma Elizabeth Douglass


Image of Albert T. Hart and Norma Douglass


Frances Eugene Bibbins


Image of Francis E. Bibbins, Jr.


Seelye Amanda Hough



George Walter Kimball


Image of George Walter Kimball (1868-1941)


May Valborg Christofersen


Image of May Valborg Christofersen


Samuel A. Johnston


Image of Samuel A. Johnston

Stella M. Adams



Clarence Raymond Smith


Chloe Olivia West


John Henry Clamme


Bessie E. Groves


Image of Clarence R. Smith Family

Clarence R. in left rear, Chloe in center front




Ralph Eaton Lidster


Image of Ralph Eaton Lidster


Edith Michel Young


Image of Edith Michel Young

Emil John Erikson


Jenny J Carlson






Our Royal Ancestors and Castle Builders


The Douglass Family branch is descended from William Henry Douglass who married Sarah Maria Jones.

The Jones Family was descended, through several links from Royalty. Kings and Queens who built many castles in the middle ages - many of which still exist today.


Royalty and Presidents

King Edward I. This is the King whom came into conflict with William Wallace in the movie "Braveheart".


Click Here for link to “Cousins” who are Kings or Presidents

Castle Builders and Castle Dwellers

Beaumaris Castle built by King Edward I in Beaumaris, Anglesey, North Wales.




Our Mayflower Ancestors

The Douglass Family branch is descended from William Henry Douglass who married Sarah Maria Jones.

The Jones Family was descended from James Chilton who came on the Mayflower with his wife and daughter Mary


The Kimball Family branch is descended from Alice Tower Howland who married George Edward Kimball.

Alice Howland is descended from four passengers on the Mayflower. John Tilley his wife and daughter Elizabeth, and John Howland, who later married Elizabeth.

Tilley Mayflower Entry
"John Tillie and his wife, and Eelizabeth their daughter"

The Lidster Family branch is descended from Virginia Eaton who married Ralph Eustis Lidster

Virginia Eaton is descended from a passenger on the Mayflower. Francis Eaton who was one of the Mayflower Company and a carpenter.

Francis Eaton Mayflower Entry

If you would like to join the Mayflower Society, attend a reunion of your cousins, or just learn more about the Mayflower, go to the Mayflower Society web page.




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