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of Aachen2Count Wigeric of Aachen Cunigunde de Lorraine 
of Acre1Joan of Acre1272 - Acre, Palestine Sir Gilbert "The Red Earl" de Clare 
of Albi1Countess Gersinde of AlbiABT 0832 - Of, Albi. Tam, France Count Eudes of Toulouse & Rouergue 
of Albon1Countess Maud of AlbonABT 1116 - Albon, France Count Amadeo III of Savoy 
of Alsace7Adalbert of AlsaceABT 0675 - Of, Alsace, France Gerlinde of Alsace 
of Altdorf1Cunigunde of AltdorfABT 1020 Adalbert Azzo II of Bavaria 
of Alvheim1King Alfarin of AlvheimABT 0769 - Of, Vestfold, Norway  
of Anjou8Count Fouiques III "Le Noir" of Anjou21 Jun 0967 - Of, Anjou, France Countess Hildegarde of Anjou 
of Anjou & Orleans1Count Ingelger I of Anjou & OrleansABT 0845 - Of, Anjou, France Aelinde Rescinde de Amboise 
of Aquitaine8Duke Guillaume III (I) "Towhead" of AquitaineABT 0915 - of Potiers, Vienna, France Adaele de Normandie 
of Aquitane1Princess Agnaes of AquitaneABT 1100 - Aquitaine King Ramiro II "the Monk" of Aragon 
of Aragon8King Alfonso II "The Chaste" of AragonBEF 25 Mar 1157 - Huesca, Huesca, Spain Queen Sancha of Aragon 
of Arcis-Sur-Aube2Count Helpuin of Arcis-Sur-AubeABT 0930 - Of, Arcis-Sur-Aube, Aube, France Countess Hersinde of Arcis-Sur-Aube 
of Ardenne1Count Godefroy of ArdenneBEF 0927 - Ardenne, France Mathilde von Sachsen 
of Argyle1Scmerled of ArgyleABT 1141 Ragnhilda 
of Arles2Count Rotbold II of ArlesBEF 0878 - Of, Arles, France  
of Arlon1Count Waleran III of ArlonABT 1080  
of Artois1Robert I "The Valiant" of Artois1216 Matilda of Brabant 
of Aubnay1Countess Amelie of AubnayABT 0974 - Of, Toulouse, France Comte Bernard I de La Haute Marche 
of Audithley1James of Audithley1225 - Heleigh, Staffordshire, England Ela de Longespee 
of Audley2Adam of AudleyABT 1145 - Heleigh, Audley, Staffordshire, England Emma de Darlaston 
of Austrasia4Alda of AustrasiaABT 0732 Count Theudric I of Autun 
of Austria2Margrave Leopold "The Illustrious" of AustriaABT 0940 - Of, Poclarn, Niederhosterreich, Austria Countess Richeza of Sualafeld 
of Autun3Bertha (Auba) of AutunABT 0775 Nibelung II of Autunois 
of Autunois3Count Childebrand III of AutunoisABT 0800 Dunna 
of Auvergene2Count Robert I of AuvergeneABT 0970 Ermengarde de Provence 
of Auvergne4Bishop Sigmaerus - I of AuvergneABT 0419 - Westphalia, Germany Miss /Totantius/ 
of Auxerre3Count Conrad I of AuxerreABT 0795 - Of, Burgundy, France Countess Ermengarde of Tours 
of Avalgau2Count Meginoz of AvalgauABT 0888 - Avalgau, Germany  
of Bar-Le-Duc1Clemence of Bar-Le-DucABT 1110 - Dampartin, Ile De France, France Count Renaud II of Clermont-En-Beauvaisis 
of Barcelona9Berenguela Raimundo of BarcelonaABT 1116 - Barcelona, Aragon King Alfonso VII of Castile 
of Bavaria12Adalbert Azzo II of Bavaria Cunigunde of Altdorf 
of Beaverstone1John Ap Adam of BeaverstoneABT 1270 - of Beaverstone and Tildenham, Gloucestershire, England Elizabeth de Gournay 
of Besalu & Urgel1Count Sunfried of Besalu & Urgel0878 - Of, Urgel, Lerida. Spain Richilde de Rouergue 
of Betuwe2Count Eberhard of BetuweABT 1010  
of Beulac2Count Goffrey of BeulacABT 0921 - Of, Tillieres, Normandy, France  
of Biggau1Count Gozelin of BiggauABT 0911 Uda of Metz 
of Bliesgau1Erenfried I of BliesgauABT 0860 Adalgunde de Bourgogne 
of Bohema3Cech of BohemaABT 0642 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia  
of Bohemia26Borivoj I of BohemiaABT 0860 Ludmilla of Psow 
of Boulogne7Count Baldwin II of BoulogneABT 0976 Adela of Holland 
of Brabant4Henry I of Brabant1158 Maud of Boulogne 
of Bretagne4Duke Alan IV of Bretagne1070 - Bretagne, Indre, France Countess Ermengard of Anjou 
of Bretange1Countess Emme of BretangeABT 1026 - Bretagne Co., Normandy, France Viscount Ivo of Cotentin 
of Brunswick2Count Bruno of Brunswick0960 - Of, Derlingo, westfriesland Duchess Gisele of Swabia 
of Buchan1Earl Colban of BuchanBEF 1100 - of,Buchan,Aberdeenshire,Scotland Eva Mormaer 
of Bulgaria2Maria of BulgariaABT 1040 Andronicus Dukas 
of Bulles1Countess Roaide of BullesABT 1046 - Bulles, Oise, France Count Hugues de Dammartin 
of Buren1Count Frederick of BurenABT 1020 Hildegard of Swabia 
of Byzantium2Anna of Byzantium0886/0888 King Louis "the Blind" of Italy 
of Carcassonne5Count Alfred of CarcassonneABT 0860 - Of, Carcassonne, Aude, France Countess Adelaide of Carcassonne 
of Carinthia1Princess Mathilde of CarinthiaABT 1107 - Of, Karnten, Austria Count Theobald II Blois 
of Castile7Blanche of Castile1188 - Palencia, Spain King Louis VIII "Le Lion" of France 
of Castile and Leon2King Fernando III "The Saint" of Castile and Leon5/10 Aug 1201 - Leon, Leon, Spain Jeanne de Dammartin 
of Castille1Queen Ryksa of CastilleABT 1131 - Of, Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland King Alfonso VII of Castile 
of Castille and Leon3King Alfonso VI "The Valiant" of Castille and LeonBEF Jun 1040 - Of, Burgos, Burgos, Castile Princess Constance de Bourgogne 
of Champagne2Countess Adaele of ChampagneABT 1140 - Blois, France King Louis VII of France 
of Champagne Blois1Countess Marie of Champagne Blois1128 - Of, Champagne, France Duke Eudes II de Bourgogne 
of Chateaudum1Viscount Routrou I of ChateaudumABT 1014 - France Adeline de Domfront 
of Chatellerault2Viscount Aimeri I of Chatellerault1075 - Chatellerault,Vienne, France Maubergeonne de L'Ilse Bouchard 
of Chester4Amicia of ChesterABT 1167 Sir Ralph de Mainwaring 
of Chiny4Arnulf of ChinyABT 1035 Adelaide of Montdidier 
of Clermont-En-Beauvaisis1Count Renaud II of Clermont-En-BeauvaisisABT 1108 - Clermont Oise, France Clemence of Bar-Le-Duc 
of Combria1Cadvan of Combria Gladys "The Younger" 
of Comminges3Arnaud I of CommingesABT 0898 - Of, Comminges, Aude, France Countess Arsinde of Comminges 
of Conchester1King Coilus II of Conchester Strada "The Fair" 
of Contentin2Nigel of ContentinABT 1050  
of Cornouaille1Duke Hoel of Cornouaille Hawisa 
of Cotentin1Viscount Ivo of CotentinABT 1026 - Of, Normandy, France Countess Emme of Bretange 
of Cromwell1Rihard of Cromwell5 Jan 1209 - Winchester,Southampton,England Beatrice de Faquemont 
of Dagsburg1Count Hugo VII (V) of DagsburgABT 0990 - Dabo, Moselle, France Mechtild 
of Denmark7Eadnoth of DenmarkABT 1030 - Of, England  
of Denmark, Norway & England1King Svend I "Forked Beard" of Denmark, Norway & EnglandABT 0960 - Of, Denmark Queen Swietoslava of Sweden Norway & Denmark 
of Drenthe1Count Dietrich of DrentheABT 0940 Amalrada of Ringelheim 
of Dunbar3Earl Maldred of DunbarABT 1015 - Of, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland Princess Ealdgyth of Northumberland 
of Dunkeld1Crinan of DunkeldABT 0975 - Athoil, Perthshire, Scotland Princess Bethoc of Scotland 
of Dutton1Lord Odard of DuttonABT 1046 - Normandy, France Alice Dutton 
of East Franks3Duke Clodius of East Franks0324 - Germany  
of East Saxony2Duke Bruno of East SaxonyABT 0800 - Of, Saxony, Germany  
of Egisheim3Count Heinrich I of EgisheimABT 1018 - Egisheim, Haute-Rhine, France Countess /Of Moha/ 
of Egishem1Countess Richarda of EgishemABT 1054 - Egisheim, Haute-Rhine, France Gerhard II Egisheim of Egisheim 
of Eistein1Daughter of EisteinABT 0785 - Of, Trondheim, Norway Ivar Halfdansson 
of England35Edgitha of EnglandABT 0900 - England Morcar of England 
of Este3Bertha of EsteABT 0990 Olderico Manfredi II of Torino 
of Evreux1Countess Maud of EvreuxABT 1130 - France Simon II Le Chauve de Montfort 
of Falaise1Doda of FalaiseABT 0980 - Of, Falaise, Calvados, Normandy, France Fulbert de Falaise 
of Fezensac1Count Aubri of FezensacABT 0775 - Of, Fezensac, France  
of Flanders11Count Arnulph I of FlandersABT 0889 - Of. Flanders Adaele de Vermandois 
of Flanders & Hainault1Count Baudouin VI of Flanders & Hainault1030 - Flandres Richildis de Hainault 
of France49Arnulf of FranceABT 0940 - Of, France  
of Franconia3Duchess Gertrudis of FranconiaBEF 0540 - Franconia, Germany Duke Richemeres of Franconia 
of Friedland1Ragnilde of FriedlandABT 0880 Count Dietrich of Louvain 
of Fruili1Duke Ruthardus of FruiliAFT 0768  
of Galloway3Alan of GallowayABT 1170 - of Galloway, England Hilda de Lisle 
of Garderige1Radbart of GarderigeABT 0638 - Garderige, Russia  
of Gaunt1Duke John of GauntMar 1340 - Abbaye de St Bav, Gand, Flandre-Oriental, Belgium Catherine de Roet 
of Geneva2Count Gerold of GenevaABT 1012 - Of, Geneva, Switzerland Countess Gisela of Geneva 
of Germany3Agnes of Germany1072/1073 Duke Frederick I of Swabia 
of Gevena2Count Aimon I of GevenaABT 1050 - Of, Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland Itha de Faucigny 
of Gleiberg1Countess Irmtrud of GleibergABT 0948 - Gleberg, Germany Count Frederick I de Luxembourg 
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