Source Detail #504: email from Patricia C. King Mendenhall
Source Detail #504: email from Patricia C. King Mendenhall

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504 email from Patricia C. King Mendenhall
Patricia C. King Mendenhall
Oct 2007

I am Patricia C. King Mendenhall, granddaughter of Helena M. and Arthur H. Kimball and daughter of Helena Melvin Kimball and Edward V. King. I wish to offer the following additions and corrections to your records. 17th Generation #26--Children of Arthur H. and Helena M. Kimball: i. Ruth Howland Kimball married Larry Larson. They had one child, Larrianne Larson (b. 6/14/40 / d. 2006). Following Larry’s death (as a pilot in Alaska), Ruth married Lewis Rogers, who was in the U.S. military in Alaska. They had two children: Elizabeth (Betsy) Rogers (b. 2/10/44) and Lewis Addison (Tim) Rogers (b. 11/20/45). Ruth died in the 1970s. ii. Arthur Alden Kimball and his wife Betty had one child: Laurie Kimball (b. unknown). iii. Helena Melvin Kimball (my mother) married Edward Vincent King on 12/4/43. She died on 8/4/69. They had five children: Edward V. King, Jr. (b. 7/18/45), Helena Cecelia King (b. 6/16/47), Kathleen Melvin King (b. 7/18/48), Patricia Cotter King (b. 6/11/50), and William Arthur Kimball King (b. 8/25/51). iv. Lastly, Warren Kimball’s wife’s name was Eula (not Elva). He died about 2002, and she died some years earlier. I hope this information can be incorporated into the Kimball genealogy.

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