Source Detail #490: email from Barbara Douglas Stinson
Source Detail #490: email from Barbara Douglas Stinson

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490 email from Barbara Douglas Stinson
Barbara Douglas Stinson
April 2007

Dear Albert, You have been so helpful with the Douglas family history. On a recent trip back to York,PA we came upon further information on the family that I thought that you would want. According to a book on Chanceford Twp.,York,PA written by June Grove who has done extensive research on the early families of Chanceford, William Douglass II came to PA in 1740 when his parents died and lived with an uncle in Chester Co.,PA. His father was William I. who went to Northern Ireland. This is from her book: "Lord Archibald Douglass (1665-1728) had two daughters and five sons Thomas(1690-1757); Archibald (1695-1756);James (1697-1757);Andrew(1702-1747);and William (1700-1740), who moved to Ireland and had one son,William Douglas II (1725-1797). Around 1726 Lord Archibald chartered a ship and brought his family, close friends, and possessions and landed at New Castle,Delaware. When his father died,William II came to live with an uncle. William married Elizabeth Matthews (1730-1820) on June 21, 1753 at Christ Lutheran Church in York and lived in Chanceford Township. Their children were David, Mary, Richard, Martha, Elizabeth, William Douglas III, John, James, Mary, and Rebecca." The sources that she lists are Steven Douglas and Phyllis Douglas Hoffman. Further research on Lord Archibald Douglass indicates that he probably left Scotland to oversee lands in Northern Ireland. He was Anglican in religion. He was born near Edinburgh,Scotland. I have also found a death date on him of Feb. 29,1728 in Kent, Delaware. He apparently left Scotland after his brother,John ,was killed in the Scottish skirmishes. He turned his Scottish property over to his sister who was married to Lord Hone. His daughters were: Margaret-Born 1685 who married Conrad Bacher Rutter,Mary-born 1704-1792 who married John Gibson, Ann-1706 who married John Caldwell, and Jane-1708 who married James Wilson,Jr. this last is from information researched by the former Covener of Clan Douglas in Oregon. So obviously there is a discrepancy in the number of daughters that he had. Hope this will be a held to you. Sincerely, Barbara Douglas Stinson

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