Source Detail #482: email from Laurie Huey
Source Detail #482: email from Laurie Huey

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482 email from Laurie Huey
Laurie Huey
Nov 2006

Good day, I am writing to compliment you on your website. I came upon it when researching the Huey family in Peoria County, Illinois. In this case, I was interested in Sarah Gilmore Huey and her husband L. F. Jones. I already had a "skeleton" of his life but your site put flesh on the bones. I appreciated seeing the obituaries of his mother and father and reading the article about the sons and sons in law in business in Elmwood. One thing I was hoping to find was information about L. F. Jones's first wife, Margaret. Do you have any information about their marriage or her parentage? I would like to share with you that L. F. Jones's name was Loomis Franklin Jones as it is one thing I noticed you didn't have. I thought that Loomis was a somewhat odd name until I saw on your site that it was the surname of his great grandmother. Thanks for posting your research online. I enjoyed reading it. Laurie Huey

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