Source Detail #340: email from Joan Kimball
Source Detail #340: email from Joan Kimball

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340 email from Joan Kimball
Joan Kimball - Bloomingdale, IL
June 2005

Also, for your information...are you aware of Sidney Fiske Kimball, an accomplished architectural historian (Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library, University of Virginia) who was maried to Marie (Goegel) Kimball, cookbook author, Thomas Jefferson's Cook Book? Sidney Fiske Kimball (he dropped 'Sidney' early in his professional career) was born in Newton, Massachusetts on December 8th, 1888. His parents were Edwin Fiske Kimball and Ellen Ripley; his father taught, and later was head master, at various public schools in the Boston suburbs. Fiske attended Harvard University, receiving his Bachelors degree from the Architecture School in 1909 and his Master of Architecture in 1912. The curriculum emphasized formal elements of design based on the history of buildings and the built environment. It was based directly on the model provided by the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. The result, according to Kimball, was that Harvard students, "tended to graduate into teaching, writing and editing rather than practice." His career, in fact, included notable contributions in teaching, writing, editing, and practice.
Bloomingdale, IL

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