Source Detail #278: email from Albert (Kim) and Eliana Kimball
Source Detail #278: email from Albert (Kim) and Eliana Kimball

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278 email from Albert (Kim) and Eliana Kimball
Eliana Kimball
Dec 2004

Good morning, I was just browsing your website with the Kimball genealogy. My husband is a direct descendant of George Edward Kimball. I hope the information below will be an welcome addition to your site: George Edward Kimball was born in Woburn, MA , 22 June 1853 (from birth certificate). He married Alice Tower Howland, born in Cambridge, MA, 30 June 1857 (B/C). The marriage was in Woburn, MA, 2 March 1878 (M/C). George died in Hingham, MA, 1 Dec 1941(D/C) and Alice died Hingham, MA 23 Nov 1932 (D/C). Their son, Albert Melvin Kimball was born in Quincy, MA, 19 May 1881(B/C) died in Cohasset, MA, 15 Feb 1930(D/C) and married Cohasset, MA, 26 Nov 1907(M/C), Clara Adele Mapes, born in Cohasset, MA, 14 Jan 1886(B/C) died in Boston, MA, 19 Jan 1921(D/C) Albert M. and Clara had four children: Albert W. Kimball, Harry Mapes Kimball, Alice Howland Kimball and Clara Adele Kimball(lived but a few days). Albert W. Kimball was born in Hingham, MA, 6 Nov 1908(B/C), died in Weymouth, MA, 14 Jan 1980 (D/C) and married in Cohasset, MA, 11 Dec 1930 (M/C) Mildred Ethel Shutt, born Newark, NJ, 9 Mar 1910 (B/C) and died Hingham MA, 8 Dec 1998 (D/C). Albert and Mildred had 3 children, one deceased.

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