Source Detail #193: email from Charles Bibbins
Source Detail #193: email from Charles Bibbins

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193 email from Charles Bibbins
Charles Hiilmer Bibbins
4/2004 - 3/2005

Louis HARVEY Bibbins 1866 Daughter Isabelle married George Wilson Perring in 1926 Son Louis A married Ruby also in 1926 Your cousin Frank Eugene's 3rd wife Nancy P was b 1950. I have no names for his first 2 wives or any children. Eugene M 1853's 2nd wife Della apparently was the Della M who died 12/21/1950 in Hennapin Co MN His daughter Edith m Leslie G Wells in 1923 - he was b 1901 in Iowa His sister Lydia was b 5/5/1863 Beloit, died 4/6/1927 in Sheboygan and is buried in Wildwood Cem, Sheb. Smith's daughter Catherine d 9/4/1899 Beloit. Her 2nd husband Henry F Hatch d 4/16/1912. Her sister Julia's husband William W Thayer was b 1840 NY Smith's mother was Hannah Perkins b 2/11/1771 Wallingford CT d about 1809 probably in Hampton NY Al - Thanks for the feedback. I retraced the cycle and found that Tracey Morris's listing of Elijah's date of death citing my files was actually an error - she showed my listing of his brother Elisha's date of death under Elijah's name. Thus you should delete this date from your files. Ironically, this date was plausible. There is a branch of the family that settled in Medina Co OH in 1837 that was headed by an Elijah who was born in NY about 1782. He was listed thru the 1850 census but was not listed in 1860 even though his children still lived there with their families so he likely died before 1860. 4 of the 5 children there were born in NY I have made a very large effort to connect this Elijah with Samuel but have been unsuccessful. There was also an Elijah Bibbins who lived in a small town in eastern KY from 1819-1824 with children of ages that were consistent with Elijah of OH. There is also an Elijah Bevins who lived in TN north of Knoxville in 1830 also with children in the same age range. I have been trying to find evidence that these are all the same Elijah. Finally, there is an Elijah (age unknown) who married in Grainger Co TN (about 50 miles from where Elijah of KY lived down the Wilderness Trail) from whom I have a huge number of descendants. I suspect that he is the son of Elijah of KY but I can't prove that either despite a lot of effort on the part of several of us. You can see why I was hoping you had run across "the big clue". Regards Charlie
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