Source Detail #167: Email from Roberta Heorman
Source Detail #167: Email from Roberta Heorman

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167 Email from Roberta Heorman
Roberta Heorman
Feb 15, 2004

Hi Al: I just about fell off my chair when I found your posting about Luther Bibbins on Ancestry. I have searched for information for so long about this family. Luther Bibbins married Hannah Perkins in Hampton, Washington Co., NY (don't have a date) and they moved west to Genesee (later Wyoming Co., NY) before 1809.Hannah died in Warsaw, Wyoming Co., NY on January 3, 1809. Have much information I will share on the Perkins family if you desire. One very interesting fact is the son "Smith Bibbins". He would have been named after his grandmother. Would be interested in hearing from you. Roberta Heorman --- Hi Al: I have two family handwritten source documents from my Perkins family with mention of Hannah Perkins and Luther Bibbins. One was written by my greatgrandfather with information about his family, parents and grandparents. Hannah was his father's sister. Hannah was the second child born to Moses Perkins and Mary Smith Perkins. Hannah was born in Wallingford, CT on Feb. 11, 1771. The family moved to Hampton, Washington Co., NY in about 1785 where they remained until early 1800s. Two brothers of Hannah had moved west to Warsaw, NY and the other family members followed shortly thereafter. The info says that Hannah died in Warsaw but I question the place inthat she died in 1809 and I believe that was before family members had moved to Warsaw. Have never found a cemetery location for Hannah which leaves me to believe that she may have died either at Hampton or elsewhere. From your info it is possible it was at Plattsburgh. Two brothers of Hannah are buried at Hampton Hill Cemetery, Hampton, NY and it is possible that Hannah could have been buried there but with no headstone. Moses Perkins died Nov 17, 1836 at age 90 and Mary died Dec 27, 1817 and both are buried at Warsaw Pioneer Cemetery at Warsaw. The families of the brothers and sisters of Hannah (those still living) remained at Warsaw until about 1851. Brother, Sylvester, (my greatgrandfather) moved west to DeKalb Co., IL in 1851 where he remained until his death. Another interesting piece of information is that Anson Abriam Perkins, brother of Hannah, migrated in 1851 from DeKalb Co. IL to Beloit, WI where Anson and his wife, Betsey, died in 1857. Beloit, WI is only a short distance from DeKalb Co. IL. I note that is where the Bibbins sons lived, probably arriving there with the other Perkins family members. Info concerning the name "Smith" as in Smith Bibbins, Hannah Perkins' mother was Mary Smith, daughter of John Smith and Mary Cook. Another tie to the Perkins family that I think is interesting is that Samuel Bibbins, son of Luther and Hannah, became a Methodist Minister. Sylvester Perkins was a Methodist Minister and Sylvester's wife was Mary Hooker, direct descendent of Thomas Hooker, the early founder of Hartford, CT and minister. (There is much written about Thomas Hooker and his role in early formation of laws of CT, etc.) There are other Methodist ministers in the family including my greatgrandfather. I am not sure how to begin with information but will try. Will send a separate e-mail with family information of Moses and Mary and we will work from there. Look forward to sharing information. Roberta --- Hampton Hill Cemetery

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