Source Detail #119: email from Charles Bibbins
Source Detail #119: email from Charles Bibbins

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119 email from Charles Bibbins
Charles Bibbins
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Al - We just got home from a wonderful month-long trip to New Zealand and Australia and have been plowing thru the accumulated e-mail messages. I was very excited to read the message you forwarded from Roberta which gave powerful support to our assumption that Smith, Lucy and Rev Samuel were children of Luther. The fact that Smith's name was the same as Hannah's mother's surname is a big clue as is the tie-in between the Perkins family and Hampton NY. Several years ago I visited the Wyoming Co Historic Assn in Warsaw NY to try to connect the members of our family. Among the factors I learned were: Lucy Bibbins and her husband Rufus Morris lived in Warsaw most of their married lives and were buried in the Warsaw Village Pioneer Cemetery where Hannah's parents are also buried. Lucy's first child was named Luther. In 1958 Edith Duchee wrote a letter to the Historic Assn that said in part "My mother was Sarah Morris, daughter of Rufus and Lucy Bibbins Morris. I have written in that Lucy's mother and father were Hannah and Luther Bibbins. I have no idea where I got the information". This is consistent with what Roberta wrote you. Per the History of Warsaw by Andrew Young, Warsaw was "commenced" in 1803 by Elizur Webster of Hampton NY. It is likely he knew Luther and his father Samuel since Samuel had been a leading citizen of Hampton from before the Rev. War until about 1809 when Samuel died. The fact that the Perkins family lived in Hampton at that time completes and obvious family triangle and makes it logical that Luther's 3 married children would move to the Warsaw area. The 1800 census for Hampton showed Luther with a wife, two young sons and 3 daughters (although these children are not necessarily his). Luther lived in Fair Haven VT in 1809 which is adjacent to Hampton. He was not listed in the 1810 census (which may just mean that after Hannah died he and his family moved in with a relative), and in 1820 he lived in Salina NY (now part of Syracuse) next door to his son Rev Samuel. Samuel's first child, Elisha, was born in Warsaw in 1823. The fact that the Perkins were active Methodists including more than one ministers was very interesting. Luther's father Samuel hosted a meeting in 1788 with two Methodist circuit riders from Saratoga to help bring the church to Washington Co (which included Hampton). Luther's son Samuel and his son Elisha became Methodist ministers. Luther's brothers, also named Samuel and Elisha, were also Methodist ministers. Thus the Bibbins and Perkins families had a great deal in common. This seemed to continue in the 1850's when Smith and his family moved to Beloit WI a few years after Hannah's brother settled there. It is interesting, too, that Roberta could find no record of where Hannah was buried which she suspects was in Hampton in 1809. I have found no record of the elder Samuel's death (altho it seems to have been about 1809) nor where he was buried (altho one rumor had it that it was in Hampton). Samuel and Hannah may well have been buried in the same cemetery which subsequently fell into disrepair. This all fits together very nicely. Please thank Roberta for me for sharing this valuable information with us. Charlie

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