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Throckmorton Family

JOHN de THROKEMERTON (TFIE 1) lord of Throckmorton, 1175-1200.
(Throkemerton is the ancient writing of Throckmorton) The manor of Throckmorton (The Rock-Moor-Town) is situated in the Vale of Evesham, in the parish of Fladbury, anciently written Flandenburgh, in the hundred of Oswaldeslawe, Worcestershire. The land a t Throckmorton which is still in possession of the family lies about 1 and 1/2 miles distant from the Parish Church of Fladbury.

"He (John) was taxed two marks (26s.8d.) in 1175 ... mentioned in Liber Albin Episc. Wigorn, page 27 (according to Nash in his Antiquities of Worcestershire), as lord of Throckmorton in 1200.11 Sir William Dugdale says that "John de Throkemerton was l ord of the manor of Throckmorton A.D. 1130, which leaves little room for doubt that the family possessed it at the entrance of the Normans ...
Issue: HENRY

HENRY de THROKEMERTON (TFIE 2) lord of Throckmorton, 2 John (1200) to about 4 Henry III (1220). "2 John" refers to the second year of King John's reign and "4 Henry III" refers to the forth year of King Henry III's reign.
Issues: ROBERT and a daughter who married (William?) Roland

ROBERT de THROKEMERTON (TFIE 3) lord of Throckmorton.
Issues: ADAM and Nicholas who Married Alice de Derinstone, sister of Matilda.

ADAM de THROKEMERTONE (TFIE 4) lord of Throckmorton , temp. of Henry III.
Married Matilda de Derinstone
Died before 1246, living 32 Henry III. Matilda
Married second, before 1246 to Richard le Waite.

ROBERT de THROKEMERTON (TFIE 5) lord of Throckmorton.
Married Prudence, daughter of Robert de Compton. "Dyed" in the last year, saving one of King Edward I (1306).
Issues: SIMON, Robert, Adam, Nicholas, Alexander, William, John, Joan.

SIMON de THROKEMERTON (TFIE 6) lord of Throckmorton 1266 to 1313
Married Isabella, sister and heir of Phillip de Donnisley.

ROBERT de THROKEMERTON (TFIE 7) lord of Throckmorton 1311 to 1335.
Married first, Joan,daughter of Richard de Weston, lord of Wykewan;
Married second, Alice, daughter of Hugh de Mortimer of Cheilmershe.
Issues by first wife: GILES
Issues by second wife: John, Nicholas, Sybil, Alice, Joan.

GILES de THROKEMERTON (TFIE 8) lord of Throckmorton.
Married Agnes, daughter of John Fraunceys of Throkemerton
Giles "was appointed on 25 Jun,1347 ... inspector of wool in the county of Worcester."
Issues: ROBERT, John, Thomas, Richard

ROBERT de THROKEMERTON (TFIE 9) lord of Throckmorton
Married Lucy, daughter of Geoffrey Colmon of Morton Abbots and Thorne county, Worcester
Issues: THOMAS

THOMAS THROKMORTON (TFIE 10) lord of the manor of Throckmorton.
Married Agnes, daughter and co-heir of Sir Alexander Besford, of Besford county, Worcester.
Thomas was escheator for the county of Worcester, 1397;, constable of Elmly Castle, 1405, justice of the peace 1401 - 1407, Knight of the Shire, 1397.
Died after 1411
Issues: JOHN, Lucy who
Married Hugh Prickley, county, Worcester, and a second daughter who Married Thomas Dyneley of Charlton, county Worcester .

JOHN THROCKMORTON (TFIE 11) lord of Throckmorton and Black Nauton, in county Worcester .
Married Alianore, daughter and co-heir of Sir Guy de la Spine, of Coughton, Warwichshire. ... having been educated to the study of the law was ... Chamberlain of the Exchequer ... for which he bore the title of Under Treasurer of England."
Died 13 Apr, 1445
Issues: THOMAS, John, Elizabeth who
Married Robert Russell of Strensham, county Worcester, and five other daughters, unnamed but whose husbands are identified in John's will.

THOMAS THROCKMORTON (TFIE 12) lord of the manors of Throckmorton, Black Nauton, Hill and More, Coughton, Spernore and Weston .
Born - 1412
Married - 1446 to Margaret, daughter and heir of Robert Olney of Weston Underwood, county Bucks . Thomas was knight of the shire, commissioned for the defense of the kingdom, appointed steward of all castles, manors, etc, controlled by the Bishop of Worcester and high sheriff of the counties of Warwick and Leicester.
Died 13 Jul, 1472; buried at Fladbury.
Issues: Robert, Richard, JOHN, William, Goditha, Margeria, Margaret, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Catherine

JOHN THROCKMORTON (TFIE 22) of Coughton of Allhallows in South Elmham, county Suffolk .
Born 1460
Married Jane, daughter and co-heir of Henry Baynard of Spexall in Suffolk , Esq. Will 1507, In p.m. 1510
Issues: SYMON, Francis, Elizabeth, Margery, Margaret

Note: John was not first- Born and therefore, not lord of Throckmorton. TFIE set up a chapter to follow the Throckmortons of South Elmham, county Suffolk , and adds the 'IF" prefix.

SYMON THROCKMORTON (TFIE F-1) of Allhallows in Southelham, county Suffolk , and Earsham, county Norfolk .
Born 1495
Married Anne, daughter of Edmund Lowth of Sawtry, county Hunts .
Died 12 Jul, 1527

SIR LIONEL THROCKMORTON (TFIE F-7) of Southelham and Bungay, county Suffolk .
Born 1525
Married second, 1560 to Elizabeth, daughter of John Blennerhasset of Barsham, county Suffolk
Will dated 22 May, 1599
Issue: John, BASSINGBOURNE, Robert, Mary, Elizabeth

BASSINGBOURNE THROCKMORTON (TFIE F-10) of city of Norwich, alderman of Norwich
Born 1564
Married 7 Dec, 1591, Mary, daughter of William Hill of Bury, St. Edmonds and Jane, daughter of John Annable of Bury, St. Edmonds.
Married second, to Hester Pye, daughter of Henry Pye of Norwich and Susanna Sotheron
Died 21 Sep, 1638
Issues by first wife: Lyonal, Thomas, JOHN, Miles, Robert, Simon, Lionel, George, Mary, Elizabeth, Ursula, Mary


JOHN THROCKMORTON (TFIE F-23 & TFH 1) of Norwich England; Salem, MA; Providence, RI; Throggs Neck, NY; and Middletown, NJ.
Born Norwich England , baptized 9 May, 1601. Along with the celebrated Roger Williams, John and his wife Rebecca Colvill embarked 1 Dec, 1630 from Bristol England aboard the ship Lion, arrived 5 Feb, 1630/31.
Died 1687 in Middletown, NJ.
Issues: Freegift, Patience, John, JOB, Deliverence, Joseph.

JOB THROCKMORTON (TFIE F-36 & TFH 7) of Providence, RI and Middletown NJ .
Born Providence RI , 30 Sep, 1650.At age sixteen he accompanied his brother John to Monmouth Co.,NJ, and drew Lot No. 22 in the division of land at Middletown . "He was one of the Proprietors of East Jersey and a man of prominence and property."
Married Sarah, 2 Feb, 1683, daughter of Henry and Mary Leonard of Lynn, MA.
Died 20 Aug, 1709 in Middletown, NJ.
Issues: John, Joseph, JOB, Samuel, Patience, Mary

JOB THROCKMORTON (TFIE F-47 & TFH 20) of Middletown, NJ.
Born Middletown NJ - 1696.
Married - 1720 to Frances Stout.
Died 22 Feb, 1747
Issues: Sarah, Mary, John, WILLIAM, Thomas, David, Daniel, Job, Rebecca, Lewis, Joseph

WILLIAM THROCKMORTON (TFIE F-76 & TFH 46) of Freehold, NJ; Morris Co NJ; and Hampshire Co., VA.
Born 27 Jun, 1730, Freehold NJ ; removed to Morris Co. in 1754
Married 26 Dec, 1759 to Sarah Gillet of Morris Co.
"Throckmorton evidently gave credit to many others, which brought him later into serious monetary difficulties. ... migrated to Virginia with some of his brothers ... children are discovered in Hampshire Co., VA about a decade later."
Died - 1780 as his name is not in the VA Census, 1782-90.
Issues: John, Hannah, Rachel, Job, William, THOMAS, Jane.

Note: At this point, TFIE differs from TFH. TFIE shows one child, William and the comment, "possibly other children."

THOMAS THROCKMORTON (TFH 101) of Morris Co., NJ., Shenandoah Valley VA. and Xenia OH .
Born 176 ; little recorded; removed to Shenandoah Valley VA.
Married Elizabeth Cline; Removed to Miami Valley OH - 1834
Died Xenia OH .
Issues: Phillip, JOB, Wiley, Mary, John, Samuel, Sarah

JOB THROCKMORTON (TFH 232 & TFIE Unlocated) of Berkeley Co., VA.
Born 5 Aug, 1807, Martinsburg, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV)
Married 19 May, 1831 to Leah Hughes Lee, one of seven daughters of Thomas and Deborah Dunn Lee
Died 6 Apr, 1862
"He owned a farm and a mill near Bucklestown, Berkeley Co., during the Civil War, and the Confederates claimed that he violated orders and sold flour and feed to "the Yankees."" They took him prisoner and marched him 1140 miles up the river to Port Ro yal, VA." He was 55 at the time. "He became exhauster and ill. But Gen. "Stonewall" Jackson refused to release him and he died a few days later..."
Issues: Sarah Ann, THOMAS LEE, Rebecca Elizabeth, Mary Jane, David William, James Mellon.

Note: TFIE has two unlocated Jobs in Berkeley county in this time period. It identifies our Job by his marriage to Leah, and by several of their issues, including Thomas, and Thomas' marriage of 24 Jan, 1856 to Annie McDonald.

THOMAS LEE THROCKMORTON (TFH 523 & TFIE Unlocated) of Berkeley Co., VA and Wichita KS .
Born 3 Oct, 1833 in Berkeley County VA.
Married 24 Jan, 1856, to Annie Elizabeth McDonald. Removed Oct, 1872 to Wichita, KS; where he was in the stock business.
Died 6 Apr, 1903 in Wichita, KS.
Issues: May Louise, WILLIAM BURNS.
Note: Thomas' marriage was the final traceable entry from TFIE.

WILLIAM BURNS THROCKMORTON (TFH 934) of Berkeley Co., VA and Wichita KS .
Born 14 Dec, 1862 in Berkeley County VA. Removed Oct, 1872 to Wichita , KS.; became investment financier and city treasurer
Married 17 Dec, 1884 to Elizabeth Hannah Sheppard Tuttle.
Died 13 Jul, 1917 in Wichita, KS.
Issues: OAK LEE, Eliza T

Born 31 Mar, 1887 in Wichita, KS.
Married 1 Nov, 1912 in Saginaw, MI; to Helen Crummer Thompson of same.
Died 20 Sep, 1957 in Wichita, KS. (VTLO)
Issues: VIRGINIA LEE, Helen Howe, Elizabeth LEE, Helen Howe, Elizabeth

Born 6 May, 1914 in Wichita, KS.
Married 4 Dec, 1937 to Floyd Nelson Osborn of Wichita, KS.
Issues: Oak Lee, Floyd Nelson II, THROCK MORTON.

THROCK MORTON OSBORN of Wichita, KS; Manhattan KS; Houston, TX; New London, CT; Gales Ferry, CT; Westport, CT; Manchester, MO.
Born 24-Feb, 1944 in Wichita, KS.
Married Claudine Esther of Wichita KS , daughter of Alfred Paul and Edna Selma Reinwald Nath.

BRENT THROCKMORTON OSBORN of Groton, CT; Manchester, MO; Rolla, MO.
Born 31 March, 1973 in Groton, CT.
Married NOT

TITLE: A Genealogical and historical account of the Throckmorton family in England and the Unted States, with brief notes on some of the allied families (TFiE), by Wycliffe Throckmorton.

Publisher: Old Dominion Press Inc., Richmond, VA; Copyright 1930

TITLE: Throckmorton Family History being the Rocord of the Throckmortons in the United States of America with cognate Branches (TFH), by Francis Grimes Sitherwood.

Publisher: Pantagraph Printing and Stationary Company of Bloomington, IL Copyright 1929

Virginia Lee Throckmorton Osborn (VLTO) of Wichita, KS.

The books are available via microfilm loans from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Family History Centers and microfilm reprints are available from the University Microfilm International at 1-800-521-0600.


(Research done by Throck Morton Osborn and updated by Brent Throckmorton. This data was found on theFamily of Matthew S. Musgrove webpage:

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