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Email from Anton Seger

To: <our-folk@renderplus.com>  Subject: Schmidgall Famliy        

I have a church record from kuhof, near maienfels

georg adam schmidtgall, born August 17 1842 in kuhof, died march 3 1872 in


married a christine dorothea scheuermann, born may (march) 19 1845 in busch.

the wedding was february 4 1868. They got a son adam carl born November 21,


parents of georg adam:

Schmidtgall Phillip from Busch and Schmidtgall Justina

parents of christine:

Scheuermann Johann Georg and Steiner Barbara

the church record has a statement that Christine moved with son to

Edelfingen August 23 1881

At least the record is striked out with the remark "nach Amerika", that

means to the states.


Anton Seger



in some church records they used schmidtgall instead of schmidgall

edelfingen could be a german village near bad mergentheim, no too far from




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