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Abstracts of early Peoria County Probate Ledger

October 23, 1847: Amaziah Hart died  intestate on or about the 7th day of  October, 1847. Administer Clarissa Hart, widow. Bond $2500 by Clarissa Hart, Henry Jones, James Jones.

November 15, 1847: Lenox K. Gooding appointed guardian of James Hart, minor at age 12 years the 27th day of February, last. James Jones appointed guardian for Malinda Jane Hart, minor at age 11 years on the 6th day of November, and Fielding Hart, minor age 9 years the 30th of August, last; Mary Isabel Hart, minor age 7 years 7th May, last.

November 17, 1847: Bond of $600 by James Jones, Lenox Gooding & Richard Wilson for use of Fielding Hart, Mary Isabel Hart & David Hart, minors. Abram Hart, minor, at age 15 years the 18th day of September last has chosen James Jones as guardian. Court so ordered, James Jones appointed  guardian  of David Hart, minor age of 2 years 15 February last.

Dec 1847: John Milford Hart, minor, age 16 years on ___ day of November, last, has chosen Fleming Norwood as guardian. Court so ordered. Bond $300 by Fleming Norwood and George Norwood.

March 2, 1848: As Amaziah Hart, administrator of the estate of William Mahan is deceased, Lenox Gooding is granted Letters of Administration, Do Bonus non, William Mahan died 31 December 1844. Bond $300 by Robert Pinkerton & Lenox Gooding

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