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From a Xerox copy of the Hart Family Bible...



Col. David Hart Born
August 15th, 1770


John K. Hart Born
Sept 27th, 1804

Matilda Hart senr Born
August 26th, 1772


Harriet Hart Born
November 17th, 1803

Polly Hart Born
Sept. 29th, 1798


Elizabeth Hart Born
January 5th, 1828

Hannah Hart Born
August 17th 1800


Matilda Frances Hart Born
Nov. 21, 1828

Lydia Hart Born
July 24, 1802


Martha Ann Hart Born
February 22, 1830

Samuel Hart Born
April 27th 1807


Margaret Hart Born
February 15th, 1831

Thomas Hart Born
April 22nd 1810


David Hart Born
June 2nd 1832

Matilda Hart Junr
Born Jan. 24 1813


Harriet Hart Born
November 17th 1833


Helen Hart Born
Jan 26th 1836

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John Kemer Hart Born
July 19th. 1838

Mary Hart Born
April 15. 1840.


Felix Davidson
Son of John G + Margaret
Davidson was born May
17th 1858

Cordelia Hart Born
Nov 15th 1842

John David Hart Born
June Wed. 12th A D 1844


Samuel Davidson son
of J G & Margaret Davidson
was born Feb 7th 1860


Harriet Malinda Davidson
Daughter of J G + Margaret
Davidson was Born
Jan 20th 1862


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John K. Hart and
Harriet Burrefs (or Burress?)
Married January 26, 1826 (or 1828?)




Edward H. & Elizabeth Kreagle
Married Sept. 24th, 1846




Samuel H & Matilde H.
Davidson, Married Sep 11th, 1852




Abram + Helen Wallace
Married Feb 10th 1855




John H. + Margaret Davidson
Married April 5th 1857




Nelson + Harriet - Bumpas
Married January 10th 1858




Pleasant + Martha H. - Bumpas
Married Dec 4th 1859




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Col David Hart Died
April 2nd 1835

Matilda Hart Senr
Died Aug 25th 1842


Harriet Hart consort
of John K. Hart
Died 10th of July, A D 1873.



John Kemer Hart Died
April 17th, 1839

David Hart Died
April 21st 1839


John K. Hart
Died on the 15th day
of March A D 1874


Cordelia Hart Died
Sun Sept 14th A D 1845

John David Hart
Died Aug 27th A D 1852


Matilda F. Davidson
Daughter of Jno K + Harriet Hart died
Jany 8, 1888.


Harriet Bumpass Daughter of
  J. K. + Harriet Hart
Died Nov 3rd A D 1862


Margaret Davidson
Daughter of Jno K +
Harriet Hart died
Jany 19, 1888



Helen Wallace, Daughter of
  J. K. + Harriet Hart
Died Nov 21st A D 1862




Miss Mary Hart
Died December 10th 1862

"Sister thou hast gone and left us
and thy loss we deeply feel
But tis jesus hast bereft us
And he can our sorrows heal
sister thou wast mild and lovely
Gentle as the summer breeze
Pleasant as the air of evening
When it floats among the trees."

[Editor's note: These lines are
from a song written by
Samuel F. Smith in 1832.]







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