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Hart Family Cemetery
by Albert D. Hart, Sr. - 1995

This cemetery, resting place of the Patriarch of our branch of the Hart family, John Hart (1742-1832), his son, daughter-in-law, grand-daughters, other relatives, friends and neighbors, is located on the Flemingsburg-Beechburg Road, County Road 3301, about 4 1/2 miles northwest of Flemingsburg, Fleming County, Kentucky.

One of the earliest-known recordings of the tombstone inscriptions therein was made by Krickel Kemer Carrick, of Brookline, Mass., June 15, 1939. Krickel was the great-great-grandson of John Hart, through John's son David Hart and David's son John Kemer Hart. This listing appeared in an article "Kentucky Pioneers and Their Descendants" published by the Kentucky Society, Daughters of Colonial Wars, 1941-1950, p 47-48.

In January of 1972, an article was published in a periodical "Kentucky Ancestors", volume 7, no 3, page 136. The tombstone inscriptions are limited to John Hart, David Hart, and David's wife Matilda. (Note that Matilda's maiden name is shown as Kemer, not Keemer.) Additionally, this listing gives the names of John's children, and the added information that traditionally the Hart family "lived for a while in Berkeley County, Va."

On March 3, 1987 a listing of the burials in this cemetery was made by still another researcher, name unknown. A hand written copy of this listing was located in the Fleming County Public Library, Flemingsburg KY in 1991 by Albert Douglass Hart, Sr., GGGG-grandson of John Hart.

The earliest interment appears to be that of Mary Evans in 1830; the next that of John Hart in 1832; followed by a Daniel Tibbs in 1833.

The last interment appears to be that of a Simon Carpenter in 1859. There may be other burials, unmarked or undated, not found at the time of the visual listings made, the earliest one reported in 1939, over one hundred years after the first burial.

Krickel Carrick reported in 1939 that the cemetery was in poor condition. The observer in 1972 found only 'two stones up", a few down and readable, balance shattered in a pile, none complete. At time of a visit to the plot in September 1995, Albert D. Hart, although unable to get closer that sixty feet from the actual stones because of a barbed-wire fence barrier, found the stones almost invisible as a result of undergrowth.

The cemetery is located on the property now occupied (1995) by James and Ann Higgens on the south side of the road mentioned above. Mrs. Higgens confirmed that this location was formerly the A. J. Sloop farm.

About two blocks west of the Higgens home is the home of Ann's mother (Mrs. Eugene Dearing). Directly across the street from Mrs. Dearing is the farm of Shirley Brewer. Another cemetery, the Megowan Cemetery, is located on this farm. As Amaziah Hart and Hannah Hart are known to have sold this property to an Abram Megowen in 1843, at which time Amaziah, Louise Hart, Hannah Hart, and John Hart, Jr. all relocated to Illinois, it is the belief of this writer that this was the homestead of John Hart. John died in 1832, and the old home was sold. Apparently John owned several parcels of land, all along this Flemingsburg-Beechburg road, the Old Hussey Pike, apparently all sold off at one time or another.


Inscriptions on grave stones from cemetery on farm of A. J. Sloop located on Hussey road, about 4 1/2 miles from Flemingsburg, Fleming County, Kentucky. Copied by
Krickel Kemer Carrick (who later died on December 23, 1952) on June 15, 1939.

  • John Hart, Esqr, born April 19, 1742 and died April 25, 1832, aged 90 yrs & 6 ds.
  • Col. David Hart, born August 15, 1770 & died April 2, 1835, aged 65 Yrs 7 ms & 18 ds.
  • In Memory of Matilda Hart, consort of D. Hart. Died Aug 25 1842, ag'd 70 years.
  • In Memory of Polly S. consort of L. D. Browning, born Sept 29, 1798 and died June 22, A.D. 1840 in the 42nd year of her age
  • In Memory of Lydia Lewellin, consort of John A. Lewellin, who died April 19, 1835, agd. 32 years 8 ms & 26 ds.

From adverse blasts & loving storms
Her favored soul he bore
& with yon bright angelic forms
She lives to die no more

  • Margaret T. daughter of T. and M. Shanlin, born April 28, 1844; died Dec 3 1863 (Should the name be Shanklin?)

O do not weep or grieve for me,
You know I must go home
I was upon a visit here,
And now I must return  

  • In Memory of Mary S. daughter of Thomas and Margaret Shanklin & consort of Geo. Ivens. Died May 15, 185.., aged 20 yrs 4 mo, 20 dss
  • Addison S., son of M. T. & H. Evans. Born March 21, 1843; died May 19, 1843.
  • Jane S., wife of T. L. Turner. Born Dec 18, 1836; died May 11, 1859
  • In Memory of Simon Carpenter, born Oct 8, 1775; died May 11, 1859. _______ of .. on Carpent..., born Aug 15, 1793; died June 3, 1870.
  • In Memory of Susan M., daughter of G. H. & Ann J. Lauman. Died Dec. 14, 1840 aged 2 yrs, 7mo &13 ds.
  • Lucinda, wife of J. H. Evans, Born Apr 11, 1844; died May 29, 1844.
  • Mary Evans wife of Joseph Evans & daughter of David & Katherine Thomas, born May 21, 1772; died July 17, 1830

Beloved in life & lamented in death
Yet could she speak she now would say
Weep not for me God’s voice obey
(all that was visible)

  • In Memory of Margaret S. Tibbs, consort of Wm. Tibbs, departed this life Dec 18, 184…

Source: Kentucky Pioneers and Their Descendants Kentucky Society, Daughters of Colonial Wars, 1841-1850. Page 47+48.


John Hart, Esq.

Col. David Hart

Matilda Hart

Krickel Kemer Carrick in 1930’s

(Photos provided by Edward F. Krickel III
in 2002)





From: "Kentucky Ancestors", Volume 7, No 3, January 1972:
Fleming County Kentucky
Hart Family
Page 126:

Tombstone Inscriptions - Hart Cemetery - located on the Hussey Road about 4 1/2 miles from Flemingsburg, Kentucky.

John Hart, Esq. married Hannah Jones and they had issue:
(not arranged according to dates of birth)

  1. Col. David Hart - married Matilda Kemer, September 29, 1796. He was a member of the State Legislature from Fleming County in 1814-15-16 and was a veteran of the war of 1812.
  2. Hannah Hart - to Illinois ca. 1843
  3. John Hart - died Peoria, Illinois, April 15, 1850.
  4. Margaret Hart - married in Fleming County, August 14th 1805, Alexander Henderson (3 Children - David, Hannah, Margaret)
  5. Ann Hart - born April 6, 1776; died Menard County, Illinois, March 18, 1850; married in Fleming County, April 30, 1798, Gordon Shanklin.

(It is traditional in the Hart family that John Hart, Esq., and wife, Hannah, lived a while in Berkeley County, Va., now West Virginia, before coming to Kentucky)

Inscriptions from 3-7-87
200 yds from Jas Higgins on
Eugene Deering Farm, Hussey Pike.

Two stones up; a few down and readable. Balance shattered in a pile, none complete.

(Note: Above parentheses are as shown on original hand-written sheets ADH Sr)

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