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Albert Thomas Hart - Summary

Born in Peoria, Illinois; October 3, 1895.

Son of Norwood Fielding Hart and Magdelena Reuter Hart ("Lenna").
Older sister,
Margaret Lillian Hart, born 10-29-92.
Younger Brother,
Harold Hansel Hart, born 8-5-99.

Attended Lincoln and White Public Schools and Peoria High School.

Following graduation was employed by Wabash and Pennsylvania railroads.

Married Norma Elizabeth Douglass in 1915. Had two sons, Albert Douglass Hart and Norwood Albert Hart

Transferred to St. Louis, Pennsylvania RR. Vice-President's Office in 1920.

Returned to Peoria in 1923 in engage in the Fruit and Vegetable Brokerage business. Peoria manager of C. H. Robinson Co. of Minneapolis. Transferred to C. H. Robinson office in Detroit in 1929.

In fall of 1930 went to Chicago to establish the Wesco Foods Co., Fruit and Vegetable Subsidiary of Kroger Co.

Operated Novy-Hart Co., Produce Buyers on the Chicago South Water Market from 1935 to 1938, when he assumed position of Director of Fruit and Vegetable Operation of Independent Grocers Alliance. Took leave of absence in 1940 to join the Quartermaster Corps Perishable Subsistence Division, Market Center Field Headquarters, Chicago, as Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Consultant.

Following War Service in 1944 resumed activity with I.G.A., establishing Alliance Produce Co., serving I.G.A. retail stores in Illinois and Indiana and wholesale dealers throughout the country in conjunction with Food Brokers, Inc.

Retired from such activity in 1956 and moved to Florida, where he became interested in vegetable growing, buying and shipping on the Pompano State market, operating as H & H Brokers. Retired from such activity in 1971.


Resided in John Knox Village since September of 1980.

Died November 1, 1982 at Pompano Beach, Fla. Age 87 years 29 days.

Interment: Park View Cemetery, Peoria, Illinois.

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