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Fargo Headstones


Chestnut Hill Road

Monterey, MA




Memory of


Who died August 6th


aged 84 years.


Come friends & neighbors as you pass me by

You may behold about and see me lie

I was thus smitten with the stroke of death

And sudenly (sic) resigned my vital breath.


I bid adieu to friends and children dear

And go to meet the God I then did fear

[To?] worship him in praise of love divine

[May?] his throne of glory ever ever shine.



wife of

Ezekiel Fargo .

died Aug. 27, 1830.

aged 80 years.


Here lies a wife and mother dear :

[With those?] her virtuous train :

Inclos’d in this small spot appear :

Till we shall meet again :



Provided by: Michael Swanson 11/2004

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