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Emails from Robert Howland Kimball



From: "Bob & Paula Kimball

Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 23:25:43 -0800
Subject: Kimball Family



I just found your web page on the Kimballs the other day when I was trying to tie together some loose ends in my Family Tree Maker program.  It's wonderful!! The other resource I have used quite extensively is the Kimball Genealogy page at www.kimbell.org. A lot of the information I have is from James Melvin Kimball, which I got from my Aunt Helena Kimball. I guess she kept records on the family for quite some time and shared them with my younger sister. Helena died a few years ago in San Jose, CA.


I will give you where I fit in.  I am the son of James Avery Kimball and Elsie Mae Kimball. James A. was the only son of James Howland Kimball and Beatrice Oliver Avery. I am one of 4 children from that marriage. James A was also married to an Edwina for a short time- they were divorced on Sept. 20, 1937. They had one daughter, Karen Ann Kimball. I have never met her. I understand she is still living in New Hampshire somewhere. She was married to a Jack Wellinghurst and had 2 sons. Jack and one of the sons have died. James and Elsie May were married on Dec. 16, 1939 in Albuquerque, NM. James was born in Hingham, MA on Aug. 25, 1908 and died in Hingham on Sept. 2, 1965 and is buried on top of his father and mother's grave in the Main St. cemetery in Hingham, MA (no marker). Elsie May was born in Boston, MA on Jan. 3, 1914 and died in Fair Oaks, CA on Mar. 29, 1997. Her ashes were scattered on the ocean in Santa Cruz, CA.


The one thing that I noticed on the web site was a reference to another wife of James Howland Kimball between Beatrice and Florence Titcomb. I don't believe this is true.  I just spoke with my younger sister and she didn't believe it was true. (I had sent her your web site--she thought it was wonderful, too). The interesting story regarding Beatrice and James H. is that after she and James divorced, she moved out to California (San Francisco) and went through 3 or 4 or 5 husbands (who went through her $'s in good fashion). The only one I can recall was a Ben Culler, but she had some silverware with some other initials on it, so I know there were more. Then, when Flossie (Florence) died, Beatrice just happened to be between husbands, and must have contacted James, because she returned to Hingham where they remarried to live happily ever after. My older sister and I went back to visit Bea just after James had died in the winter of 1964/65. She died not too long after we returned to Calif.


I have pictures of myself, My dad ,and My grandfather together when he came out to visit the family in California, probably around 1951~52 if you're interested. I also have a picture of Beatrice with Arthur Marsh Stoddard ( I believe he was referred to as "Six" by most of the family around Hingham) and James. Arthur married Alice Josephine Kimball.


The only holes I have left in my planned tree is a couple of the children of the siblings of my grandfather James H. Kimball. I had some lists of the great, and great, great, grandchildren of George E. Kimball that I believe came from Aunt Helena, and until I found your web site, didn't know who to attach them to. The three families that have me stumped now are the Millers, the Rogers, the Bernans, and the Dashas. I believe the Dashas have some ties to the Stoddards, but I'm not sure how. The others have got to be out of marriages between my grandfather's sisters and someone with one of those names. If you could help, I'd sure be receptive. I had another contact that I was working with, cousin Dianne Stoddard (daughter of George Kimball Stoddard-- was also known as "Kimmie") who lives in Hingham, but after numerous e-mails back and forth, all I was getting was lots of forwarded aol jokes, so I kind of gave up. She had promised to send me some info early on, but so far, nothing.


If there's anything I can provide towards your great Kimball family history, let me know.  I can fill in from my siblings outwards, along with those I have on the great and great, great lists.


Keep up the good work!


Robert Howland Kimball




Albert, I thought I would send you some fill-in information for your Kimball family files. Under the 17th generation, number 23, James Howland Kimball. He married Beatrice Olive Avery b. 8/07/1889, d. 5/25/1965 in Hingham on (?). They had one child, James Avery Kimball, b.8/25/1908 in Hingham, d. 9/02/1965 in Hingham. He married Edwina (?) on (?). They had one child, Karen Ann Kimball, b. 8/11/1934. She married a Jack Moreman Wellinghurst. They had two children, Jack Moreman Wellinghurst, b. 1/24/1957, and James Andrew Wellinghurst, b. 3/31/1961. Jack sr. and one of the sons have passed away. As far as I know, Karen is still living. I guess that there was some hard feelings about Karen, and none of James's children have met her. James and Edwina were divorced on 9/20/1937 in Hingham, then he married Elsie Mae Brackett (Foss), b. 1/3/1914 in Boston, d. 3/29/1997 in Fair Oaks, CA. on 12/16/1939 in Albuquerque, NM. They had 4 children, Carol Avery Kimball, b. 3/21/1941 in Santa Rosa, CA, Robert Howland Kimball (me), b. 11/07/1943 in Salt Lake City, UT, Stephanie Lynn Kimball, b. 1/26,1948 and James Howland Kimball II, b. 4/02/1951, both in Sacramento, CA.


As I wrote before, your mention of another spouse for James Howland Kimball (1880-1965) between Beatrice and Florence, I believe, is incorrect. No one in our family knew anything about another spouse. I can go further with our line if you would like. My sister Carol, James Jr., and myself have married and now have grandchildren. Let me know if you'd like more.



Al,  I know it's been a while since you wrote this, but I'm still getting around to digging out some of my e-mail since we did our 2 month trip back to Nova Scotia back in June-August of '05.


Yes, I do have some pictures that the wife of one of my 2nd Cousins provided (one's I had never seen). This was Eliana Marcia Villela Gomes Kimball, wife of Albert Wishart Kimball, Jr. I'll send them in separate e-mails so the download time doesn't get too great. They have identifying names around the borders of them, but I will further label them for clarification.


(See Photo)


Bob Kimball

The family of George Edward Kimball

Front Row L-R:

Arthur Reginald, b.1897; George Walter Kimball, b. 2/06/1888 d. 9/29/1941; William Warren Kimball b. /03/1893 d.(?);

Middle Row:

Alice Josephine Kimball b.5/11/1883 D. 6/1974; Ruth Mildred Kimball b. 12/11/1891 d. 6/02/1969;  Mary Lee Kimball b. 11/11/1882;

Back Row:

Albert Melvin Kimball b. 5/19/1881 d. 2/15/1930; George Edward Kimball b. 7/30/1857 d. 12/01/1941; Alice Tower Kimball b. 6/30/1857 d. 11/23/1932; Helena Moriah Kimball b. 6/25/1878 d. 6/1975; James Howland Kimball b. 04/04/1880 d. 5/01/1964


Not shown:

Percival Palmer Kimball b. 3/09/1889 d. 3/30/1889 (infant), Paul Earl Kimball b. 1/10/1891 d. 1917, and Mariam Elizabeth Kimball b. 8/21/1899 d. (?)  Yes, there were 12 of them!




Al,  Here's another.  The two in the front are my Grandfather James Howland Kimball and his first and third wife, Beatrice Olive Kimball (Avery) b. 8/07/1889 d. 5/25/1965. The two behind are unknown.










Al,  Here's another--more current. It's of me and brothers and sisters. L-R: James Howland Kimball II b. 4/02/1951; Stephanie Lynn Kimball b. 1/26/48; Carol Avery Herbert (Kimball) b. 3/21/1941, and yours truly Robert Howland Kimball b. 11/07/1943.



That's about it for now. I've got some other pictures that are singles of some of George E.'s children, if you'd like them. They're from the same vintage as the group photo.





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