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The Early Germans of New Jersey
Their History, Churches and Genealogies
by Theodore Frelinghuysen Chambers

Originally published: Dover N.J. 1895


(excerpt from: page 406-408)



Hoffmans of Readington


John Hoffman, whose will dated Rea’ington, Hunt. Co., 8 July 1741, prob. 21 Nov. 1748, names wife Margaret and six children; also brothers-in-law Christian Harshall and Joseph Hankinson, as executors; witnesses were John Crascoll, David Bertron and Allie Ross; youngest child was under 21, at date of will, 1741, m. (New York Dutch records), 29 May 1727, (banns published May 13), for second wife, Margrite Anhuizen (or Anhuys), both from Germany, but dwelling in New York; was a large landholder near what is now Mettler’s mills; names in the will the following children except the first:

I.               CATHARINA, bap. In N.Y., 26 Jan., 1729 ; when the witnesses were Christaen Hansel and Catherine Snyder.

II.             HENRY “eldest”

III.          MARY (deceased), m. Matthias Plattenberg and had a daughter before 1741, mentioned in grandfather’s will.

IV.           FREDERICK

V.             JOHN, letters of adm. Of his estate given 24 Dec., 1810 , to Peter Schomp, m. Rebecca; record of division of his property names ch:

(I).                   JOHN, m. Aug 1774, Rebecca Rounseval, b. 1754, d. 1833 or 4, at 80 about; lived in Raritan township about three miles west from Flemington; had ch:

                                                 1.     JOHN

                                                2.     ISAAC, b. 1777, Mar 23, m. Susanna Bodine (dau. Of John); had ch:

(1).        Emanuel, b. 1800, m. Amy Rake;

(2).        Enoch, b. 1805, m. Ann Fauss;

(3).        Paul K., b 1816, m. first, Rhoda Poulson (dau of Israel , a drunkard preacher); second, Amy Wagner (dau of Jacob).

                                                 3.     ANDREW, m. Sarah Bellis; had ch:

(1).        John;

(2).        Hiram;

(3).        Mary, m. Augustus Gelbaugh;

(4).        Lucretia.

(II).                 LENA , m. Col. David Schomp (2nd son of Hendrick).

(III).              MARY, bap. (Readington records) 1756, Aug., 15, m. Abraham Lane .

(IV).               MARGARET, bap (Readington records), 1759, April 29, m. Peter Schomp, d. 1809.

(V).                 SARAH, bap. (Readington records), 1761, April 12 m. Philip Prost

(VI).               REBECCA, bap. (Readington records), 1763, June 8, m. Obadiah Cole.

(VII).            DAVID, bap. (Readington records), 1765, June 21, m. Catherine Wyckoff; had ch:

                                                 1.     JOHN S., b 1800, April 22;

                                                 2.     REBECKAH, b. 1801, Sept 17;

                                                 3.     PETER WYCKOFF, bap 1806, July 7;

                                                 4.     DAVID, b. 1809, May 3;

                                                 5.     HENRY, b. 1813, Sept 26.

(VIII).         JACOB, bap. (Readington records), 1767, Oct 25, m. Margaret Biggs; had ch:

                                                 1.     REBECKAH, b. 1798, July 19;

                                                 2.     JANE BIGGS, n. 1800, April 19;

                                                 3.     JOHN, b. 1802, Feb. 18.

(IX).               JOSEPH, bap. (Readington records), 1769, July 30.

V.                       WILLIAM.

VI.                     JACOB, b. prob. 1735, d 1815, at about 80 years of age, m. first, Steintje; Second, Barbara Mettler. He settled near Stanton and then sold the farm for Continental money, which became worthless; removed to Roland’s Mills; had five children by his first wife and three by his second:

(I).                   JOHN, bap. 1765, May 16, d. 6 March 1843 , m. Catherine Trout; had ch:

                                                 1.     GEORGE, unmarried;

                                                 2.     JACOB, deaf and dumb;

                                                 3.     AARON had Stacy, Lemuel and Catherine;

                                                 4.     JOHN;

                                                 5.     REBECCA, m. an Armitage;

                                                 6.     SARAH, m. a Wilson ;

                                                 7.     CATHERINE, unmarried.

(II).                 ISAAC, bap. 1771, Mar 24, m. Catherine Laqueer.

(III).              LENA , m. John Hoppock.

(IV).               DINA (Blandina), bap. 1773, May 2.

(V).                 MARGARET, m. Cornelius Bowman (s. of Cornelius)

(VI).               JACOB, b. 1780, d. 1811, at 31 years of age, m. Hannah Porter (dau. Of James); they had ch:

                                                 1.     HRIAM, m. first Ann Berger; second, Rebecca Cherry;

                                                 2.     DAVID, b. 1803(?), Oct 16;

                                                 3.     ARCHIBALD, b. 1807, Aug 18, m. Mary Krieger (dau of John, s. of John);

                                                 4.     JAMES P., Sr., m. first, Ann S. Siegler (dau of Peter), b 1818, Feb. 10; second Eliza P. King (dau. Of Will L.), b. 1825, Dec 2.

(VII).            ABRAHAM, b. 1783, Nov. 23, d. 1872, Dec. 23, m. Charlotte Porter (dau. Of James), b. 1784, Nov 15, had ch:

                                                 1.     AARON, b. 1815, Jan. 6, d. 1885, Feb., m. first, Amanda McCrae; second, Harriet Hoffman (dau of John and the widow of Chas. Hoffman, the s. of Hiram);

                                                 2.     SUSAN, b. 1807, June 5, m. Amos Hunt (s. of John);

                                                 3.     HARRIET, b. 1818, March 16, m. James Demott (s. of John).

(VIII).         DAVID B., m. Hannah Lee (dau. of John); had ch:

                                                 1.     JAMES, m. Elisabeth Probasco (dau. of Theodore);

                                                 2.     WILLIAM, m. Catherine Porter (widow of a Fritts);

                                                 3.     JOHN, removed to Cape May ;

                                                 4.     DAVID B. AUGUSTUS, m. the widow Larue;

                                                 5.     MARGARET, m. Jacob Smith;

                                                 6.     HANNAH, m. Joseph Plum (s. of Joseph).

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