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Sudden death of E. L. Hoffman


On last Saturday night, about 9 o’clock, our community was shocked by the announcement that Emanuel L. Hoffman was found dead in his room.

He had been in usual health, and was on the streets the night previous, conversing with friends, as was his custom.


On Saturday evening he was missed, and some one remarked he had not been seen during the day.

He had been living in his own house since the death of his wife, some twenty years, most of the time some family occupying a portion of the dwelling.

At this time he was living alone.

At about 9 o’clock his son-in-law Mr. W. M. Brooke, went to the house and knocked at his door, which was locked, but receiving no answer; feeling that something was wrong, Mr. B. forced the door, and to his sad astonishment found the old gentleman cold in death.

Dr. Stephens, who lives nearly opposite, was called, and gave it as his opinion that he had been dead several hours.

He was then removed to the house of his daughter, Mrs. John Hubbel, where he was prepared for burial, which took place on Sunday afternoon, at 3 o’clock, under the direction of his brethren of the Masonic order.

Services were held at the Presbyterian Church, conducted by Rev. A. J. Reynolds.


“Little Huff”, as he was familiarly called, was born in Flemington, Huntingdon County, New Jersey, October 27, 1800.

He was married to Miss Amy Rake in 1822, and lived near Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

In 1833 they moved to Ohio, and settled on his present farm, on Fourmile, near Concord, in Preble County.

In 1849 they moved to Eaton and resided in the same house where they both lived and died, he at age of seventy-seven.

He leaves two sons, three daughters, nine grand children and three great-grand children to mourn his loss.


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