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Letter from Daniel Doran in Brookfield Mo. to Edward Holloran in Beloit Wisconsin


Brookfield , Sep 4, 1882


Dear and Loving Brother inlaw Edward Hollarn. I take the pleasure of writing you those few lines hoping to find you in good Health as this leaves us at present. Thanks be to god for all his mercies to us all. You must excuse us for not writing to you oftener before now. Dear Edward we have been often talking about you and your won Willie that you would do better out here then ye would do in Beloit .


Dear Sir I have 160 acres of Land and a good house on it and a good well of water at the door. Brother Mike has another 160 acres and a good house a water. They are both joining one another.


Dear Edward it is Brother Mikes wishes you should be out here with us. He thinks you would do lots better and we think the same if you want to come out here let us know. We don’t want you to work. Your son will do enough to keep you. If you aint able to come let me know quick and I will help you. Don’t be afraid. You won’t want for nothing. This is a very healthy climate here and half as cold in winter as it is in Wisconsin . If you make up your mind to come, write soon and let us know how you are situated.


We have fine crops here this year. We give our love to all inquiring friends. Let us know if Miss Lawler and Mike McDonald and family (are) in Beloit or where are they.


No more at this point from your loving friend. Direct to:


Daniel Doran


Brookfield , Linn County , Missouri

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