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from: “Sketches of Prominent Citizens of 1876” a sequel to “Early Reminiscences of Indianapolis” by John H. B. Nowland
<br>Published by Tilford & Carlton 1877

Samuel A. and William J. Johnston

Samuel A. Johnston was born of the 22 nd of June 1835, in Johnson county Indiana. On the  14th of February (Valentine day), 1865, he was married to Miss  Estelle Pullis of St. Louis   Missouri .

William J. Johnston, brother of Samuel A., was born on the Johnston farm, one and a half miles south of Indianapolis , on the 1 st of April 1837. He received his education at Pendleton Academy and in the Indianapolis schools. He was married to the eldest daughter of the Rev. F. P. Cummins, of LaPorte, Indiana. In 1851 he engaged in the stove business with the Munson brothers, and has been engaged in the same place and business now for over twenty-six years, and is now with his brother, the firm being Johnston Brothers. They are extensively engaged in the manufacture of galvanized iron work and slate roofing. Their trade extends over the entire west – they furnished and galvanized iron work for the insane asylum at Lincoln, Nebraska. Their work has given satisfaction in every instance; this is quite a compliment to their establishment, coming as it does in direct competition with similar houses of the kind in surrounding cities. Mr. Johnston bought an interest of Messr. Munson in 1859, and the firm for some time was known as Munson, Johnston & Co. In 1870 Johnston Brothers bought the entire establishment and added to the stove and tinware the manufacturing of galvanized iron work and slate roofing. They are now the largest wholesale and retail establishment of the kind in Indiana ; their sales now reach two hundred thousand dollars per year and are steadily increasing.



Subj:   Re: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES  - 6 / 1 - 1
Date:   6/1/01 11:12:35 AM Central Daylight Time
From:   JeanCMB
To: Chascum
I am researching my Cummins line who lived in Shelbyville, Indiana for some
time.  My great-great grandfather, Frederick Patterson Cummins married
Frances Walker Cummins (who was the widow of his brother, Richard) in 1838.
They had several children, one of which, John Walker Cummins, was my
great-grandfather who eventually moved to Elkhart, Indiana.  Frederick went
on to Crawfordsville, Indiana as an Episcopal at St. John's Church there
until his death in 1874.  I can't find any information on their parents, John
Cummins MD and Judith Warwick.  Anyone who can help?
Jean Cummins Bischoff


From: JeanCMB@aol.com
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 10:06:06 EDT
Subject: Cummins lineage
To: al.hart@renderplus.com
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I was searching on WorldConnect and found your information on F. P. Cummins.  He was my great-grandfather.  How are you related to him?  I have a couple of corrections to your information.  He was born in 1814 in Pennsylvania .  My son and I have done extensive research and have come to the conclusion that the census takers handwriting was misread.  Also, his children are Richard Simpson Cummins and John Walker Cummins so the middle initial is not H.  Fannie Cummins was my grandmother I have a picture of her as a young girl..  I have F.P.'s parents names, but no dates.


From: JeanCMB@aol.com
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 18:08:55 EDT
Subject: Re: Cummins lineage
To: al.hart@renderplus.com
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I think I gave you some wrong information, but I can't find the email I sent to you.  I think I told you that one of Frederick and Frances Cummins sons was Richard Simpson Cummins.  Actually he was
Frederick 's brother.  THeir son was Richard W. Cummins.  I am descended from Frances E.'s brother, John Walker Cummins.


From: JeanCMB@aol.com
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 23:14:03 EDT
Subject: Re: Cummins lineage
To: al.hart@renderplus.com
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John Walker Cummins, brother of your Fannie was my gggrandfather.  He married Josephine Jackson.  All we know of her is that her father was John Jackson and she was born and married in Latrobe , PA.   John and Josephine had a daughter, Frances Walker Cummins who was called Fannie.  Frances married Frederick Connett and they had my father, Francis.  Frances died two weeks after my dad was born and his father disappeared.  When he was five my father was adopted by his maternal grandparents, thus was named Cummins so I have the same maiden name as his mother had.. I don;t think you would be interested in other info I have, but if you are I'll gladly send you my file. By the way, John and Josephine moved to Elkhart , Indiana when the railroad moved its operations there..  My son and I have just returned from a genealogy research trip to Indiana


Crawfordsville, [IN],
Jan. 29, 1874 .
T. H. B. McCain and J. T. Talbot
Editors and Proprietors

          Died, in this city on Wednesday evening the 21st, the Rev. Frederick Patterson Cummins, rector of St. John's church, in the 61st year of his age.  Under ordinary circumstances, this simple announcement would probably be sufficient. But the sudden and unexpected call upon this devoted servant of God ______ down the earthly _____ and enter upon his rest was not an ordinary circumstance.  It shocked the community by its suddenness and pained it by the knowledge of a heavy loss.  Mr. Cummins, as successor to the lamented _____ [entire line missing] church by the gentleness of his demeanor, the unaffected piety of his life and the ability of his public ministrations has strongly endeared himself to his parish and to many outside of it in this community, and the memory he leaves behind him --- that of a good man, and a pastor "faithful unto death" --- is one which will not soon be obliterated.
          For some time in fading health, he had felt obliged to resign his charge and _____ [half-line missing] for him better than he knew.  Instead of the temporary release from labor which he sought, and within a few days of the period upon which he had fixed for its commencement, he was translated without pain or prolonged suffering to the blessed rest of
Paradise , and now sees the face of Him whom he so long served and truly loved.  He is not for God as taken him.
          Mr. Cummins was born in
Louisiana , Dec 31, 1813 , graduated at Washington College , Penn. , taught school in Burksville , Ky. , for three years, thence removed in 1838 to Shelbyville , Indiana .  Here he married Frances Alice, daughter of Hon. John Walker, State Senator, and soon after removed to LaPorte, Indiana, where he took orders in the Presbyterian church, and served in that denomination for many years.  About 1862, he united with the congregation of St. Paul 's church, LaPorte, in which he was confirmed by Bishop Talbot, May 17, 1867 , thus becoming a regular communicant of the Episcopal Church. Desiring some time later to better the work of the ministry, he was ad___ _____ date for Holy Orders, and on December 2, 1870 , was ordained by Bishop Talbot to the Deaconate in St. Mark's church, Lima , and on June 7, 1871 , in St. Paul 's Cathedral, Indianapolis , to the Priesthood.  St. John's, Crawfordsville, was his first regular charge, and in that parish he continued happy in his ministry and laborious in duty till the Master called him to "come up higher," and he entered upon loftier ministry of praise of which his last public ministrations on earth seemed at once a foretaste and a prophecy.  He leaves a loving family -- a wife, two sons, and four daughters -- to mourn their loss, and to rejoice in his eternal gain.  There is but one text which has constantly pressed upon my mind as proper to be inscribed upon his tomb --- Faithful unto Death.


Indiana Marriage records. Note Frances A. Walker married Richard L. Cummins first, and then married Frederick P. Cummins after Richard died.

Shelby County

Cummins Cummins, Frances Frederick P.




Cummins , Frances
Cummins, Frederick P.

Marriage Date:

02 Jul 1839



Cummins Walker, Richard L. Frances A.




Cummins, Richard L.
Walker, Frances A.

Marriage Date:

22 Oct 1835



Marion County, Indiana
 Index to Marriage Record 1881 - 1885 Inclusive Volume 8 Letters A to Z Inclusive
  Original Record Located: County Clerk's Office Indianapolis Compiled by Indiana Works Progress Administration 1939

County: Marion
Name: Thomas C Wordin
Spouse: Fanny C Johnston
Marriage Date: 28 Oct 1884
Birth Date: 19
Book: 84 
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