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Bibbins Photo Album - Notes

[Notes in braces are not contained in album, but added later to identify persons mentioned]

If you would like more information about these people, or copies of the photographs,
Please Contact me.

[William Holloran - born about 1868]

·        Margaret Bickenbach + Paul

·        Aunt Kate Bibbins Hatcher
Uncle Henry Hatcher

[Catherine L. Bibbins - born 1843]

·        Grandma and Grandpa Bickenbach
(Picture taken in Dresden Germany)

·        Arthur and Annie Bibbins

[as children:
Arthur Bibbins, born 1882 - son of Charles Wesley Bibbins
Angeline Bibbins, born 1882 - daughter of Charles Wesley Bibbins

·        Lola, Minna & Roy Hurd
Grandchildren of Uncle Silas and Aunt Deal Bibbins

[Silas Luther Bibbins - 1830-1905
Della Ann Wheatstone
Fred Hurd married Lydia WS. Bibbins in 1880

·        Henry Zipke
Nephew of Grandpa Bibbins

[born about 1860
son of August Zipke and Sarah C. Bibbins

·        Charles and Will Hatch
Nephew of Grandpa Bibbins

[sons of Catherine L. Bibbins - born 1843 - and Henry F. Hatch.]

·        Emma, Jessie & Carrie Thayer
nieces of Grandpa Bibbins

[children of Julia F. Bibbins - born 1846 - and
William W. Thayer

·        Arthur Bibbins
Nephew of Grandpa Bibbins

[born 1882 in Beloit
son of Charles Wesley Bibbins - born 1839 - and
Priscilla Crisman - born 1858

·        Sarah Bibbins
Sister of Grandpa Bibbins

[in the rest of this album, Grandpa Bibbins
 seems to refer to Smith Bibbins 1806-1865

·        Alice Carr Thomas and Orville Thomas
(Aunt Irene's daughter)

[Alice Carr - daughter of
John Carr and
Irena F. Bibbins - born 1835.
Alice married Orville Thomas.

·        Katie Lynn
Aunt Sarah's daughter

[Sarah C. Bibbins - born 1837]

·        Frank Bibbins
Uncle Adney's son

[Frank was born in 1859, son of Adney F. Bibbins - 1832-1863 an
d Lydia Wheatstone - born 1833

·        Addie Bibbins
Uncle Adney's daughter

[Addie was born in 1858, son of Adney F. Bibbins - 1832-1863
 and Lydia Wheatstone - born 1833

·        Bert Carr
Aunt Irene's son

[Irene F. Bibbins - born 1825 - and
John Carr

·        Billy & Bridget Welsh Rogers
Cousins of Grandma Bibbins

·        John & Addie Bibbins Bell

[Addie Bibbins - born 1863
daughter of Andey F. Bibbins 1832-1863 and
Lydia Wheatstone.

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