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Last will and testament of John Loomis

The will of John Loomis, dated 14 Apr 1619 , was presented in the Court of the Commissary of the Bishop of London for the counties of Essex and Hartford on 29 May 1619 , and proved by the executor Joseph Loomis, his son, on 31 June 1619 sic. Copy of the will follows.  Note the spelling of the words which was common back in the 1600's.

- in ye name of God Amend I John Loomis of Braintree in ye County of Essec Tayler being sick of bodye but of perfect and wholl minde and carefull to prepare my selfe for ye enioying of a better life Do make and ordeyne this my last will and Testament the fowrteenth Daye of Aprill in ye yeere of our lord god 1619 In manner and forme following ffirst I comend my soule into ye hands of almighty god my Creator And my vile and Corruptible body to ye earth from whence yt was taken wth a suer hope and sound perswacon by my faith in ye mirritts of Jesus Christ my Redemer to haue this my body changed into a glorious being at ye last Day in his heavenly kingdome. Item I will Joseph Loomis my sonn shall haue my little Tenement or Dwelling house standing and being in Braintre aforesaid wherein John Lunt now dwelleth at ye Rate of fforty pownds towards ye payment of my Debts wth a Garden plott thereto belonging adioyining nere unto his owne And also one Stable standing nere the markett Crosse in Braintre at ye Rate of Thirtye pownds or to be sould to the vttermost that may be made of yt Item I will that all my hushould stuffe and moveable goods shall be praysed and my son Joseph to haue tenn pownds worth of them as shall seeme fitt to him for his ownse vse Item I giue to Mary Brooke ye Daughter of Ralph Brooke five pownds out of my said moveable Item my will is that all my Debts and funerall Charges being Defraid and paied my fower Daughters (vizt.) Ann Warr, Sara Burton, Elizabeth Preston and Jane Pengelly shall haue ye Remaynder and ouerplus as well of ye said houses as also of ye (moveable) equally to be divided amont them parte and parte like to (them and their) heires or assignes. All wch my will and meaing (is the same shall) not be parformed untill one halfe yeere next (afther the) decease of Agnis, my loving wife whom I wil to ejoye (all the) said moveable whatsoever During her naturall life And I make and ordeyne my said sonn Joseph Executor to this my last will and Testament Revoking all former whatsoever. And I request my sonne in law Willm Preston to be Supervisor to see yt performed according to my true intent and meaning. In Witnes thereof I have here vnto see my hand and seale the Day and yeere wth in written

The marke of John Loomis (Mark)


The above Will witnessed as follows

"Theis being Wittnesses

1 John Lunt his marke

Richard Kimbould"


It was the custom for a person to make his mark (X) even though he could read and write at the time this will was written.

(Courtesy “Tod’s Slice of the Web”)

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