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George E. Kimball Family



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This photo was provided by Eliana Marcia Villela Gomes Kimball, wife of Albert Wishart Kimball, Jr. It has identifying names around the borders of them, but I will further label them for clarification.


The family of George Edward Kimball


Front Row L-R:


Arthur Reginald, b.1897;

George Walter Kimball, b. 2/06/1888 d. 9/29/1941;

William Warren Kimball b. /03/1893 d.(?);


Middle Row:


Alice Josephine Kimball b.5/11/1883 D. 6/1974;

Ruth Mildred Kimball b. 12/11/1891 d. 6/02/1969; 

Mary Lee Kimball b. 11/11/1882;


Back Row:


Albert Melvin Kimball b. 5/19/1881 d. 2/15/1930;

George Edward Kimball b. 7/30/1857 d. 12/01/1941;

Alice Tower Kimball b. 6/30/1857 d. 11/23/1932;

Helena Moriah Kimball b. 6/25/1878 d. 6/1975;

James Howland Kimball b. 04/04/1880 d. 5/01/1964


Not shown:


Percival Palmer Kimball b. 3/09/1889 d. 3/30/1889 (infant),

Paul Earl Kimball b. 1/10/1891 d. 1917, and

Mariam Elizabeth Kimball b. 8/21/1899 d. (?) 


Yes, there were 12 of them!


(from an email from Robert Howland Kimball – Dec 2005)


See George E. Kimball Family

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