Zettelmaier Family Genealogy
Zettelmaier Family Genealogy

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1. Johann Zettelmaier - was born in 1790 and died on 1 Sep 1876 in Bamberg Bavaria .
Johann married Barbara Fisher. Barbara was born in 1795. She died on 14 Aug 1841 .

Johann - occupation: Gardner -
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Nikolous Zettelmaier was born on 12 Jul 1814.
ii.  Andreas Zettelmaier was born on 19 May 1816.
iii.  Johann Zettelmaier was born on 26 Oct 1818.
iv.  Georg Karl Zettelmaier was born on 4 Nov 1822. See #2. below.
v.  Franz Zettelmaier was born on 1 Jan 1826.
vi.  Matthaus Zettelmaier was born on 14 Oct 1831.
----- Second Generation -----
2. Georg Karl Zettelmaier - was born on 4 Nov 1822. He is the son of Johann Zettelmaier and Barbara Fisher.
Georg married Margareta Fortsch on 6 Jul 1842 in Bamberg Bavaria. Margareta was born on 12 Dec 1814. She is the daughter of Wolfgang Fortsch.

Georg - occupation: Vegetable Salesman -
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Margareta Zettelmaier was born on 9 Jun 1843 in Schezlitz, Bavaria and died in 1880 in Peoria, Ill and was buried in St. Joseph's Cmty. .
Margareta married Franz Reuter in 1862. Franz was born on 13 Nov 1838 in Strassgiech Bavaria. He was the son of Joannes Reuther and Margaretha Motschenbacher. He died on 1 Dec 1892 in Peoria, Ill and was buried in Springdale Cmty .

Margareta - obtained passport, dated Bayreuth, 1er Stadt Germany, on April 9, 1862. Came from Shezlitz, Baveria and joined the Reuter family in Peoria and married Franz Reuter.
Came over on the ship "Atlantic", arrived Jun 10, 1862, listed as:
Zittmeier, Margarethe - 19 F NN Bavaria, (no town listed)
See Reuther family for children.
ii.  Katarina Zettelmaier was born on 2 Jul 1845.
iii.  Michael Zettelmaier was born on 14 Sep 1846 and died on 12 Dec 1846 .
iv.  Barbara (1) Zettelmaier was born on 13 Nov 1847 and died on 20 Jan 1848 .
v.  Anna Zettelmaier was born on 11 Dec 1848 and died on 14 Apr 1850 .
vi.  Kunigunda Zettelmaier was born on 5 Dec 1850 and died in 1910 .
vii.  Maria Margareta Zettelmaier was born on 1 Feb 1852 and died on 9 Apr 1852 .
viii.  Barbara (2) Zettelmaier was born on 11 Mar 1860 and died in 1945 .
Image of Margarete Zettelmaier (Reuter)

Margarete Zettelmaier (Reuter)

at age 16.
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Image of Margareta Zettlemaier (Reuter)

Margareta Zettlemaier (Reuter)

at age 19 (1862)
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Image of Ship Registry

Ship Registry

Atlantic - June 10, 1862
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