Yost Family Genealogy
Yost Family Genealogy

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1. Peter Yost Sr. - died in 1781 in East River, Nyc .
Peter married Mary Smith on 20 Mar 1773 in Sandwich, Mass.. Mary was born on 25 Jul 1755 in Hingham, Mass.. She was the daughter of Isaac Smith and Hannah Bassett. She died on 14 Oct 1836 in Falmouth, Mass. .

Mary - also married Elihu Nye Mar 6 1800 - no children.

Peter - died on a British prison ship, Jersey, serving in the American Revolution.
Peter Yost served as a Sergeant in the Massachusetts Militia during the Revolutionary War and took part in the campaign at Ticonderoga as well as other brief campaigns in the neighborhood of Cape Cod.
Entries from Peter Yost II family bible:
"My Mother Mary Smith was born July 25 day Year 1755."
"My Mother Mary Nye dyed Oct 14th 1836 Aged 81 years 2 Mounths & 14 days."
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Elizabeth Mary Yost was born in 1773 in Barnstable, Mass. and died on 19 Feb 1856 in Providence, Ri (probably) .

Elizabeth - married Coleman Hatch in 1800.
ii.  Aurelia Yost was born on 7 Aug 1775 in Barnstable, Mass. and died on 19 Feb 1827 in Falmouth, Mass. (probably) .
Aurelia married William Howland on 24 Jan 1796 in Sandwich, Mass.. William was born on 22 Jun 1773 in Barnstable, Mass.. He was the son of Zaccheus Howland and Molly Palmer. He died on 20 Nov 1824 in Falmouth, Mass. .
See Howland family for children.
iii.  Peter Yost Jr. was born on 17 Aug 1778 in Barnstable, Mass. and died on 27 Jan 1851 in Goshen, Clermont Co., Ohio .

Peter - occupation: Minister - married (1) Abigail Chase February 16, 1800 in Sandwich., daughter of David Chase and Salome Kelley. She was born September 23, 1781 in Yarmouth, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, and died May 08, 1813 in unknown. He married (2) Eleanor Fults May 24, 1814 in at Brother John Grays Butter County Near Four Mild Crick on tusday Evening at Six oClock May 24 day Yeair 1814.. She was born May 22, 1789 in Pennsylvania, and died December 31, 1864 in Mediapolis, Des Moines County, Iowa and is buried in the cemetery there..

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