Winfield Family Genealogy
Winfield Family Genealogy

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1. Maurice Johnson Winfield - was born in 1841 and died in 1911 and was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Logansport, Ind .
Maurice married Abby Lane Rogers on 1 Jun 1897 in Logansport, IN. Abby was born on 22 Dec 1875 in Madison, Indiana. She was the daughter of Joseph Goodwin Rogers and Margaret Watson.. She died in 1952 and was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Logansport, Ind .

Abby - Mrs. Abby Winfield lived in Lafayette, Ind in 1943.
Educated at Miss Bond's School, Baltimore, MD, Abby was a Presbyterian. Maurice graduated from Princton in 1895. (Sources: - 1)

Maurice -

email from Nancy Johnston Marinos - Feb 2010

Maurice Johnson WInfield was my grandfather, my mother's father. He died when she was three years old. He was a lawyer in Logansport. He had a flat tire in his car and was thrown out of the car and killed. After that my grandmother, Abby Rogers Winfield, moved her family, ( Margaret, Maurice but known as Bud, and my mother, Jane), to Lafayette where they lived with her sister and her sister's husband, Bert Stuart. They lived with them for years. My grandmother made baby clothes for LS Ayers to support the family but they lived with "Great Aunt Mary" until my Mother married my father.

The class of 1895, Princeton University, decennial record, 1895-1905

Maruice Johnson Winfield
Logansport, Ind.
Lawyer, 400 Broadway, Loganport, Ind.
Married: Abby Rogers, June 1, 1897 Logansport, Ind.
Winfield studied law in his father's office at Logansport and was admitted to the Indiaia bar im 1896. He has been practicing in Logansport ever since that time. He promised to write a letter for the book if I would send him a duplicate for "Blue Circular No. 10" - which I did at once, and about which I reminded him four of five tines. For a while Winfield was the most bashful letter write in the class; but he has since been outclassed by that triumvirate of sphynxes, Foster, McNitt and Miller.
(Sources: - 1)
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Jane Johnson Winfield was born on 7 Oct 1906 and died on 4 Feb 1980 in Zionsville, Ind. .
Jane married Henry Adams Johnston on 11 Jun 1938 in Lafayette, Ind. Henry was born on 26 May 1906 in Indianapolis, Ind.. He was the son of Dr. Samuel A. Johnston and Stella M Adams. He died on 21 Nov 1979 in Zionsville, Ind. and was buried in Crown Hill, Indpls. Ind. .

Jane - Attended Purdue University. 2127 N. Delaware St - Indianapolis
See Johnston family for children.
ii.  Maurice R. "Bud" Winfield Jr.
Maurice married Marjorie Vivian Case on 18 Jul 1942 in Lafayette, Indiana.
  Then Maurice married Mrs. Phillp Kizer on 30 Jun 1949 in Lafayette, Indiana.

Maurice - Known as "Uncle Bud"
iii.  Margaret Winfield was born Logansport, IN. See #2. below.
Image of Jane  Johnson Winfield (Johnston)

Jane Johnson Winfield (Johnston)

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----- Second Generation -----
2. Margaret Winfield - was born Logansport, IN. She is the daughter of Maurice Johnson Winfield and Abby Lane Rogers.
Margaret married Robert G. Woodworth.

Robert - lived in Lafayette, Ind in 1943.

Margaret - B.S., Purdue Univ., 1928 (Sources: - 1)
i.  Merrileese Woodworth was born on 23 Apr 1934 in Lafayette, Ind. and died on 25 Jun 1999 in Tuscon, AZ .
Merrileese married George H. Mayer.

Merrileese -

University of Arizona News Oct 7, 1999

Merrylees Mayer, former assistant to the University of Arizona president, died unexpectedly at her home in Tucson on June 25. She was 66.
A farewell service will be held on Saturday, July 15, at 11 a.m. in the lower gallery of the UA Museum of Art. Lunch will be hosted in the upstairs gallery following the services.
Through 14 years of employment at the University, Mayer earned the respect and admiration of her colleagues for her dedication and ability to work effectively under stressful conditions. Mayer retired from the UA in 1996.
Mayer was born in Lafayette, Ind. on April 23, 1934, to Robert and Margaret Woodworth. She earned her bachelor's degree with distinction in pre-medicine and English and a master's degree in English literature from Purdue University.
She stayed at Purdue and taught English to disadvantaged students. She also served as an instructor in American Studies.
She was married for nine years to the late George H. Mayer, a distinguished American historian who also taught at Purdue University and at the New College of the University of South Florida. Merrylees at that time edited her husband's now classic "History of the Republican Party".
The couple traveled to Malaya where Mayer taught English to non-native speakers at a Kuala Lumpur College, a responsibility that she found both enjoyable and rewarding.
In 1964, she became executive assistant to Henry Koffler, then head of the department of biological sciences at Purdue University.
It was at this time she found her true professional niche, applying her energies and insights to ensure the smooth operation of senior administrative offices at a series of leading academic institutions.
She accompanied the Koffler family to the University of Minnesota (1975-82), to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (1979-82), and most recently, to the University of Arizona in 1982, where she served as assistant to the academic vice president, chancellor and president, respectively.
"I simply could not have done my job without her," said President Emeritus Henry Koffler. "Merrylees was an attentive listener and handled difficult situations with diplomacy and human warmth. She became a good friend on whom I could always depend. Her talents will never be equaled."
Former UA Associate to the President Terence Burke, who worked with Mayer in Massachusetts and Tucson, said, "We were colleagues every day for 12 years. She could always be relied on for a kind word, a helping hand and a shared laugh." Merrylees derived immense pleasure from helping others and, in this way, helped to put a human face on the administration of large institutions.
More recently, she revived her old interest in singing, and took great joy in practicing and performing with the Master Chorale and various University choral groups. She also was an active participant of Literacy Volunteers of Pima County.
Mayer is survived by her brother Maurice (and Ann) Woodworth of Perth, Australia; former sister-in-law Margaret Woodworth Fowler of Blacksburg, Va.; aunt Catherine Winfield Nichols, of Sarasota, Fla., cousins Nancy and Angelo Marinos of Gaithersburg, Md., Abby and Richard Mortenson of Albion, Mich., nieces Jenny Woodworth of La Grande, Ore., and Margaret and Taylor Woodworth of Perth, and nephew Robert (and Deena) Woodworth of Gainesville, Ga.
A farewell service will be held on Saturday July 15, at 11 a.m. in the lower gallery of the University of Arizona Museum of Art. Lunch will be hosted in the upstairs gallery of the museum following the services.
In lieu of flowers, contributions to support the University's choral program may be sent to Professor Robert A. Cutietta, director of the School of Music at the University of Arizona, P.O. Box 21004, Tucson, 85721. Make checks payable to the University of Arizona.
1 Rogers Genealogyul 1999 David Rogers Swarts, 1905 Springport Rd., #2, Jackson, MI 49202,, 27 J Web:

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