Wheeler Family Genealogy
Wheeler Family Genealogy

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1. Thomas Wheeler - was born about 1750 and died in 1818 in Breckinridge Co., Ky .
Thomas married Nancy.

Nancy - (May be Nancy Thompson with a second marriage to ? Tuckahoe) (Sources: - 1)

Thomas - fought in the Rev. War in Proctor's Artillery, Pa.
May have been born in Pennsylvania or 5 May 1755 England (Sources: - 1)
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Thomas Wheeler was born in 1787 in Maryland and died in 1857 in Perry Co., Ind. . See #2. below.
ii.  William Wheeler was born in 1792.
iii.  Hester Wheeler was born in 1792.

Hester - married William Leftridge, born 1788.
iv.  Leonard Wheeler was born in 1792 in Virginia.

Leonard - married Catherine Hays, born 1796.
v.  Charlotte Wheeler was born about 1792 in Pennsylvania.

Charlotte - married Joseph Brashears and George Claycomb.
vi.  James Wheeler was born in 1797 in Pennsylvania and died on 5 May 1864 in Kentucky . See #3. below.
----- Second Generation -----
2. Thomas Wheeler - was born in 1787 in Maryland and died in 1857 in Perry Co., Ind. . He was the son of Thomas Wheeler.
Thomas married Sarah Stapleton on 8 Aug 1809 in Breckenridge Co., Ky.. Sarah was born in 1795 in Kentucky. She was the daughter of John Stapleton and Martha Robertson. She died in 1829 in Perry Co., Indiana .
  Then Thomas married Eleanor Robinson.
  Then Thomas married Jemima Robinson. Jemima was born in 1817.

Thomas - came from Breckenridge Co., Kentucky. They were among the first settlers of Perry Co., Indiana and remained there until their deaths. They were both members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Thomas was a Cooper by trade and was said to be an honest man.
Their marriage bond was signed by a John Stapleton.
Thomas and Sarah were among the early members of The Methodist Church at Rome, Ind. which was organized in 1819.

History of Perry County by Thomas James de la Hunt 1916 - page 274

Active Methodists in the same locality were Thomas and Sarah (Stapleton) Wheeler, both natives Kentucky, through whose seven children an extensive progeny is the result, the third generation having scattered into other localities, some of its members having attained special prominence in medical circles of Indianapolis.

1850 Census Perry Co. Indiana
Thomas Wheeler 63 Farmer Maryland
Jemima Wheeler 33   Indiana
Armonstrong Wheeler 20   Indiana
Sarah Wheeler 17   Indiana
Synthia Wheeler 16   Indiana
G Burton Wheeler 12   Indiana
Elizabeth Wheeler 10   Indiana
Emily A Wheeler 6   Indiana
Marion Wheeler 2   Indiana
Nancy Stilwell 15   Indiana

Census: 1860 Perry Co. Tobin Twp, Indiana
Jemimah Wheeler 42 Farming Indiana
Elizabeth Wheeler 19 Domestic Indiana
Marion Wheeler 11   Indiana
Horace B. Wheeler 7 Indiana  
George B. Wheeler 28 Farmer Indiana (adjoining farm)
(Sources: - 1)
Children with Sarah Stapleton (Quick Family Chart)
i.  George T. Wheeler was born in 1815 in KY and died about 1877 in Indiana .
George married Eleanor Robinson on 25 May 1833 in Perry Co., In. Eleanor was born in 1817 in NY.

George - George T. Wheeler lived next to his Uncle James Wheeler in 1850.

1850 Census - Perry County, Ind
George T. Wheeler 35 farmer Kentucky
Elenor Wheeler 33   New York
Marg E Wheeler 14   Indiana
James W Wheeler 13   Indiana
Nancy L Wheeler 10   Indiana
Caroline Wheeler 7   Indiana
Emeriane(?) Wheeler 6   Indiana
Ameliaam(?) Wheeler 2   Indiana

Census: 1880 Union Star, Breckinridge Co, KY
George T. Wheeler head of household age 23 farmer born in IN
Ida B. Wheeler sister age 20 keeping house born in IN
Morton Wheeler brother age 14 born in IN

Parents not listed in 1880 census and may have died.
ii.  James Wheeler was born about 1820 in Perry Co., In.
James married Elizabeth Vest on 2 Mar 1839 in Perry Co. In..
iii.  William R Wheeler was born on 15 Apr 1826 in Perry Co., Ind.. See #4. below.
iv.  Foster Armstrong Wheeler was born on 20 Nov 1829 and died on 11 May 1914 in Perry Co., In and was buried in Wheeler Cmty. .
Foster married Melissa Connor. Melissa was born in 1835. She died in 1880 .

Foster -
The 1860 Perry County, Indiana Census finds F. A. (Floyd?) WHEELER the head of household and 30 years old. His wife was listed as Melisa who was 25 at the time, and had 5 children of which 3 were still living atthat time. Source: Perry County Indiana 1860 Census. Page 837. Record of death: Pneumonia from Dialated Heart - Signed J. H. Lee M. D. W. A.Wilson burial director
Children with Eleanor Robinson (Quick Family Chart)
v.  Sarah Wheeler was born in 1833 in Perry Co., In.
vi.  Cynthia Ann Wheeler was born in 1834 in Perry Co., In.
Cynthia married Levi C. Axton. Levi was born in 1831.
Children with Jemima Robinson (Quick Family Chart)
vii.  George Burton Wheeler was born about 1838.
viii.  Elizabeth Wheeler was born in 1840 in Perry Co., In.

Elizabeth - married 'James R. Dome], born 1836, on Feb 10, 1861 in Perry Co.
ix.  Emily I. Wheeler was born in 1844 in Perry Co., In.
x.  Marion Wheeler was born in 1848 in Perry Co., In.

Marion - married Jane Allen, born 1847.
xi.  Horace B. Wheeler was born in 1850.
3. James Wheeler - was born in 1797 in Pennsylvania and died on 5 May 1864 in Kentucky . He was the son of Thomas Wheeler.
James married Sarah Claycomb in Perry Co., Indiana. Sarah was born in 1801/1802 in Penn..

James - James Wheeler and his nephew George T. Wheeler lived in adjoining farms in 1850.

History of Perry County by Thomas James de la Hunt 1916 - page 274

Wheeler, as a Perry County name, is also particularly identified with Tobin Township, whither came at a very early day, James and Sarah (Claycomb) Wheeler, natives of Pennsylvania and Maryland, whose family lines met in Breckinridge County, Kentucky. Six sons and five daughters were born to this marriage, most of whom in turn married in their own neighborhood, so the connection is now a very wide one, represented far beyond the original county and state.

1850 Census Perry Co. Indiana
James Wheeler 53 farmer Pennsylvania
Sarah Wheeler 48   Pennsylvania
Josephine Wheeler 21   Indiana
Lurieca Wheeler 20   Indiana
William Wheeler 18   Indiana
Charles Wheeler 16   Indiana
Hampdon Wheeler 14   Indiana
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  William C. Wheeler was born on 25 Sep 1831.

William -

"History of Warrick, Spencer and Perry Counties, Indiana - Tobin Township" by Goodspee
d Bros. & Co. - published in 1885 WILLIAM C. WHEELER, an early pioneer of Perry County, was born September 25, 1831. His father, James Wheeler, was a native of Breckenridge County, Ky. He came to Indiana and married Sarah Claycomb, a native of Pennsylvania, by whom he was the father of six sons and five daughters. He lived on a farm near Rome, where he died, April 15, 1864. His widow survived him until March 7, 1872, when she died at the age of seventy-three. William C. remained at home working on the farm until attaining his majority, after which he was engaged in flat-boating for a number of years. May 15, 1856, he married Artamissa Robinson, a native of the county, and soon after located on a famr of forty acres, which his wife inherited. He has since added to this 220 acres, and now has one of the best farms in the township. Mr. Wheeler has seen Perry County transformed from a forest into a beautiful farming country, and the log-hut replaced by good substantial dwellings. During the Rebellion, he was a strong Union man, and was Captain of the Home Guards. He is now a Republican, and himself and wife are members of the Universalist Church. They have three children now living, named Clarence, Laranee D., and Elmer.
----- Third Generation -----
4. William R Wheeler - was born on 15 Apr 1826 in Perry Co., Ind.. He is the son of Thomas Wheeler and Sarah Stapleton.
William married Mary Jane Hall on 4 Dec 1851 in Perry Co., Ind.. Mary was born in 1831 in Adyeville, Ind. She is the daughter of James Hall and Sarah Taylor.

William - was reared by his oldest sister after his mother died. He received a limited education. In the 1850 Census, he was working on a farm near his father's owned by Adam Hemasman. He was a prosperous farmer and a stock-raiser. He owned 280 acres of good land, well improved.
In 1860, Isom Strapleton, John Stapleton, William Wheeler, Godman Hall and James Hall lived on adjoining farms in Clark Twp, Perry Co., Indiana.

"History of Warrick, Spencer and Perry Counties, Indiana - Clark Township"

( by Goodspeed Bros. & Co. - published in 1885)
William R. Wheeler, of Clark Township, was born in Perry Co., Ind., April 15, 1826. He is the third son in a family of seven; George T., James, William R., Foster A., Harriet (who married William A. Robinson), Charlotte (who married Stephen Shoemaker), Martha A. (who married Arad Criss), born to Thomas and Sarah (Stapleton) Wheeler, both natives of Kentucky. They were among the first settlers of Perry County and remained here until their deaths, and were consistent members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The father was a cooper by trade, and an honest man. Our subject was reared by his oldest sister, and remained with her until of age, receiving a limited education, his mother having died when he was but three years old. He was united in marriage to Miss Mary J., daughter of James and Sarah (Taylor) Hull, December 4, 1851, and to this union seven children have been born, five now living: James T., Maggie A. (who married Samson Cox), Alice E. (who married Louis Sumner), John T. and Homer B. Mr. Wheeler is a prosperous farmer and stock-raiser, and owns 280 acres of good land well improved. He is a Republican in politics, and he and wife are members of the Christian Church. He is well known throughout the county and esteemed by his neighbors. Mr. Wheeler was a tanner by trade, which he followed for over twenty years in Perry County.

Census: 1860 Clark Twp, Perry Co., Indiana
name age occupation born in  
Jessy Miles 25 Farm laborer Indiana  
Alex Miles 21 Domestic Indiana  
Jonathan Miles 4/12 Indiana    
William R. Wheeler 34 Farmer   Indiana
Mary I Wheeler 28 Indiana    
James T. Wheeler 5 Indiana    
Margre Wheeler 3   Indiana  

Census: 1870 Clark Twp, Perry Co., Indiana
name age occupation born in
William R. Wheeler 44 Farmer Indiana
Mary J. Wheeler 31 Keeping House Indiana
James T. Wheeler 15 Farm Laborer Indiana
Margaret H. Wheeler 12 At Home Indiana
Alice E. Wheeler 6 At Home Indiana
John T. Wheeler 2 At Home Indiana

1880 Census Perry Co., Indiana
name relation age born in father born mother born  
William R. Wheeler self 54 IN KY --  
Mary J. Wheeler wife 49 IN KY IN  
Alice E. Wheeler dau 16 IN      
John L. Wheeler son 12 IN      
Homer H. Wheeler son 8 IN      
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  James Thomas Wheeler was born about 1854 in Adyeville, Perry Co., Ind. and died about 1887 .
James married Sarah Cherry. Sarah was born in 1854/1855 in Ky.

James - 2 children - Clarence and Lunsford.

Census: 188- Clark Twp, Perry Co, Indiana
J. T. Wheeler self 25 IN Farmer IN IN
Sarah A. Wheeler wife 25 Ky Housekeeper Irel Irel
William C. Wheeler son 1 IN   IN Ky
ii.  Margaret Wheeler was born in 1858 in Adyeville, Ind. and died in 1908 .
Margaret married Sampson Cox.

Margaret - 2 children, Lunsford Cox and Homer Cox.
iii.  Alice E. Wheeler was born in 1863.
Alice married Lewis Sumner in 1885.

Alice - 2 children, Charles Sumner and Stella Sumner.
iv.  John T. Wheeler was born on 25 Oct 1867 in Adyeville, Ind..
John married Grace RAWLES in Wilmington, Ind.

John - was a physician in Indianapolis. 2 children - Mary and Ralph.
v.  Homer Henderson Wheeler was born on 8 Nov 1872 in Adyeville, Perry Co., Ind. and died on 3 Jul 1945 in Philadelphie, PA and was buried in Crown Hill - sec 58 lot 5 . See #5. below.
----- Fourth Generation -----
5. Homer Henderson Wheeler - was born on 8 Nov 1872 in Adyeville, Perry Co., Ind. and died on 3 Jul 1945 in Philadelphie, PA and was buried in Crown Hill - sec 58 lot 5 . He was the son of William R Wheeler and Mary Jane Hall.
Homer married Altie Garver Gladden on 5 Apr 1905 in Memphis, Tenn.. Altie was born on 1 Mar 1887 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Ind.. She was the daughter of Charles Smth Gladden and Myrtle Chapman. She died May 1973 in Carmel, Indiana and was buried on 21 May 1973 in Crown Hill - sec 104 lot 189.

Altie - lived at 5058 N. Illinois in Indianapolis in 1917.

(Indianapolis Star, April 8, 1911)

Mrs. Homer H. Wheeler, a daughter and the only heir at law, will receive the estate of the late Mary E. Gavin, which aggegates aproximately $400,000. The bulk of the estate is a 200-acre tract of land near White River and North Illinois street. Mrs. Gavin left no will. Homer H. Wheeler was appointed administrator by Judge Frank B. Ross of Probate Court.
This article has mispelled Mary E. Garver's name as Gavin, and represented Alte as her daughter rather than grand-daughter.
Altie's Grandmother was Mary E. McCormick who married John Chapman, and then Mathias Garver. This Mary E. Garver was the "Mary E. Gavin" in this newspaper article. All of Mary Garver's children died before she did on April 2, 1911.

Mrs. Wheeler Dies; of Pioneer Family

(Indianapolis News May 23, 1973) and Indianapolis Start May 23, 1973)
Private graveside servides for Mrs. Altie Gladden Wheeler, 86, a descendant of one of Indianapolis's first settlers were held in Crown Hill Cemetary.
Mrs. Wheeler died Sunday at Hoosier Village near Zionsville.
She was the great-great-graddaughter of James McCormick, who came to what is now Indianapolis in 1820. He came to the area with his brother John but had to return to Virginia for his wife, thus giving John the honor of being the first settler in Indianapolis. They built a cabin near White River and Fall Creek.
Mrs. Wheeler was a native of Indianapolis and was instrumental in the platting and selling of lots of the farm of her grandfather, Matthias Garver. North Butler Terrace, a section west of Illinois and south of the canal, was sold before World War II, and Meridian Kessler terrace, north of the canal on both sides of Meridian was sold after the war.
She was quite proud of the fact that members of her family had served in every war the United States fought from the American revolution through World War II.
Mrs. Wheller was president of the Artificial Ice and Cold Storage CO. and Commercial Fuel Co. when the firm was sold in the early 1930's tothe Indiana Ice and Fuel Company.
She was a graduate of Miss Higbee's FInishing School for Young Women in Memphis, Tenn.
She was a Gold Star mother, Mrs. Wheeler was a former president of the auxiliary of the Paul Coble American Legion and was a member of the Daughters of the American revolution.
Survivers - son Garver Wheeler of Carmel: sisters: Miss Adelaide Gladden of Memphis and Mrs. J. O. Hincken of Litchfield Ill.

Birth Index IN 1850 - 1920

GLADDEN, f w b. 3/1/1887 Marion Co. H2-359 of Chas. S. & M. Chapman.

from SSN Death Records
Birth Date: 1 Mar 1887
Death Date: May 1973
Social Security Number: 306-48-4779
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Indiana
Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 46032
Localities: Carmel, Hamilton, Indiana
(Sources: - 2)

Homer -

Dr. Homer H. Wheeler Dies; Rites Tomorrow

(Indianapolis News July 4, 1945 and Indianapolis Start July 4, 1945)
Dr. Homer H. Wheeler, 73 years old, Indinapolis physician, died yesterday in Philidelphia where he had gone for treatment after a short illness.
Dr. Wheeler, who resided at the Columbia Club, was a member of the surgical staffs of the Methodist, St, Vincen's and City Hospitals. He was assistant professor of surgery at the Indiana University School of Medicine from 1907 to 1937.
Dr. Wheeler was graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Indiana School of Medicine, in 1897 after which he did post graduate work in Europe as well as in the United States.
Dr. Wheeler was born in Adyville, Perry County, Nov 8, 1872, and belonged to a pioneer family of southern Indiana.
Among his professional affiliations were membership in the American Medical Association, American College of Surgeons, Indiana Medical Association, the national Gastroenterological Society, and the American Proctological Society. He had written several theses for these societies.
Dr. Wheeler was also a member of the Indiana Society of Pioneers, Kiwanis Club, Phi Beta Pi medical fraternity, Mystic Tie Lodge No. 398, F. & A. M., Ancient Accepted Scottush Rite and the Murat Shrine. He was a member of the Tabernacle Presbyterian Church and active in the Paul Coble Post of the American Legion.
He served in World War I as a captain in the Medical Corps of the United States Army.
Dr. Wheeler is survved by a son, Sgr. Garver Wheeler; a brother Dr. John T. Wheeler; one grandson and several nieces and nephews.
Funeral services will be conducted by Dr. Roy Ewing Vale, pastor of Tabermacle Presbyterian Church at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon in the Flanner & Buchanan Morturary.
Private burial will be in Crown Hill Cemetery.

In the 1916 Indianapolis Blue Book there is a listing for Homer H. Wheeler and Altie Gladden Wheeler at 1832 North Capitol Avenue - members of the Indianapolis Mannerchoir. City directories 1916-1920 - Homer H. Wheeler, physician, offices in . Indpls.; home from 1914-1916, 1832 N. Capitol; 1917-18, 5858 N. Illinois, same in 1919 but no business address; 1920 5256 N. Illinois and office @ 311 Hume Mansur Bldg.

Hume Mansor Building

23 East Ohio Street, at Pennsylvania Street, SW corner on Monument Circle. 11 Stories.
"This terra-cotta structure was known for its distinctive glass-enclosed rooftop gallery. It was demolished in 1980 to make way for the current tallest in Indianapolis, the Bank One Tower"
(from skyscrapers.com)

Census: 1920 Indianapolis, Marion Co. - 5256 N. Illinois St.(ED 20, sheet 18, line 31)
Homer H. Wheeler head 45 Md b.IN IN IN Internist - Stomach
Alti G. Wheeler wife 33 Md b. IN IN IN  
H. Henderson Wheeler son S 13 IN IN IN  
Wm. G. Wheeler son 10 S IN IN IN    
Chas G Wheeler . son 4 8/12 S IN IN IN    
Fanny McCormick Miller aunt 57 Wd IN IN IN    

Member of the Indiana Historical Society in 1930. (Ref: Centennial Handbook.)
Fanny McCormick Miller, was Altie Wheeler's Great Aunt - the sister of her Grandmother, Mary Mccormick.
Homer and Altie were apparently divorced at the time of his death in 1945.
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Homer Henderson Wheeler was born on 16 Jan 1907.

Homer -

(Not sure if this is related)

Name: Brumbaugh, Jenny M. "Jen-Jen"
Newspaper: Fort Wayne (IN) News-Sentinel
Date: Fri. 06-Apr-2001
Lineage: daughter of Lloyd Brumbaugh>Paul Brumbaugh>Mildred (Cripe) Brumbaugh>Bertha (Zolman) Cripe>Johnston Zolman>John>Adam
Jenny "Jen-Jen" M. Brumbaugh New Haven — 1983-2001 Jenny "Jen-Jen" M. Brumbaugh, 17, of New Haven, a native of Kendallville, died Thursday, April 4, 2001, in Grabill. She worked for Kroger's in New Haven as a grocery bagger and had lived in New Haven for two years. Surviving are her mother, Twila Barnes of New Haven; her father, Lloyd Brumbaugh of Bear Lake; her stepfather, Mikel Barnes of New Haven; a sister, Milissa Brumbaugh of New Haven; stepsisters Holli Barnes and Cheryl Godschalk, both of New Haven; a stepbrother, Jerry Barnes of Fort Wayne; grandparents Sharon Kienzler of Columbia City, Delores Parsley of Bear Lake and Homer Wheeler Jr. of Muncie; and stepgrandparents David Kienzler of Columbia City and Sharon Wheeler of Muncie. Services are 11 a.m. Monday at E. Harper & Son Funeral Home, 740 Indiana 930 E., New Haven, with calling from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Sunday. Burial will be at Woodburn Mennonite Cemetery, Woodburn. Memorials are to the family.
ii.  William Garver Wheeler was born on 11 Mar 1909 in Indianapolis, Ind. and died in Indianapolis, Ind and was buried on 20 Sep 1978 in Crown Hill - sec 104 lot 189. See #6. below.
iii.  Charles Gladden Wheeler was born in 1915/1916 in Indiana and was buried on 5 Jul 1924 in Crown Hill - sec 58 lot 5.
----- Fifth Generation -----
6. William Garver Wheeler - was born on 11 Mar 1909 in Indianapolis, Ind. and died in Indianapolis, Ind and was buried on 20 Sep 1978 in Crown Hill - sec 104 lot 189. He was the son of Homer Henderson Wheeler and Altie Garver Gladden.
William married Margaret Buchanan Morton. Margaret was born on 1 May 1917 in Illinois. She was the daughter of Alexander Robert Morton and Naomi Porter Dugan. She died on 1 Jan 2005 in Indianapolis, Indiana .

Margaret - was living with her Grandfather, Charles Ambrose Dugan, at time of 1920 Census. After her father remarried, she went to live with her parents in Waukasha, Wisconsin. Moved to Indianapolis about 1942.

William - was a Sgt in WWII. Was living in Carmel, Indiana when his mother died in 1973.

Merit badges Awarded to 150 City Boy Scouts

Life and star merit badges were awarded to Robert Maxwell, Garver Wheeler, Gregg Ransberg, Stedman Pearce and Dudly Hughes of Troop 75 (Indianapolis Daily Star, May 3 1923)
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Margaret Wheeler was born on 24 Aug 1947 in Indianapolis, Ind..
1 Kentucky Roots - Wheeler Brenda Wheeler Web: http://www.bardstown.com/~jwheeler/index.html
2 DAR Application - Altie Gladden Wheeler Altie G. Wheeler Submitted and accepted May 16, 1917 (view detail...)

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