Sharp Family Genealogy
Sharp Family Genealogy

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1. John Lewis Sharp - was born on 15 Sep 1833 and died on 20 Nov 1900 and was buried in South Fork Cemetery, Casey Co. Ky .
John married Phoeba Johnston on 5 Jun 1855 in Russell Co., KY. Phoeba was born on 16 Jan 1834. She was the daughter of Benjamin Johnston. She died on 15 Dec 1887 and was buried in South Fork Cemetery, Casey Co. Ky . (Sources: - 1)

John - served in the Civial War - Co. "D", 3rd regiment Kentuck Volunteers Infantry of the Union army. Enlisted Nov 5, 1861 at Adair Co., Ky and was discharged Aug 14, 1865.

memorandum from Prisoner of War records

Lewis Sharp, Pvt. Captured in Tennessee 1862 and paroled at Dunlap, Tennessee Aug 29, 1862, no later record of this capture. Again captured at Richmond, Virginia September 29, 1863. Sent to Danvillle, Virginia on December 12, 1863, confined at Florence South Carolina October 14, 1864. Paroled at Charleston, South Carolina Decemeber 10, 1864. Reported at Co. "B" on December 17, 1864. Sent to Infantry division "1" when he was absent December 17, 1864 and furloughed jan 5, 1865.
(Sources: - 1)
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Rachel Elizabeth Sharp was born on 15 May 1856 in Russell Co., KY.
Rachel married Will H. Thomas on 20 Sep 1877 in Casey Co., KY.
ii.  Benjamin Franklin Sharp was born on 23 Oct 1857 in Russell Co., KY and died on 23 Nov 1921 in Casey Co., KY . See #2. below.
iii.  Eliza Ellen Sharp was born on 8 Oct 1859 in Russell Co., KY.
iv.  Rebecca Jane Sharp was born on 8 Mar 1861 in Russell Co., KY.
v.  Lucinda Bell Sharp was born on 23 Dec 1863 in Casey Co., KY.
vi.  Sarah Ann Sharp was born on 29 Oct 1866 in Casey Co., KY.
vii.  John Riley Sharp was born on 24 Dec 1867 in Casey Co., KY.
viii.  James Wilmore Sharp was born on 22 Oct 1869 in Casey Co., KY.
ix.  William Philmore Sharp

William - twin of Samuel Sharp. Died as an Infant.
x.  Samuel Seymore Sharp

Samuel - - Twin of Willliam. Died as an infant.
xi.  Rosina Sharp was born on 14 Feb 1870 in Casey Co., KY.
xii.  Mary Susan Sharp was born on 15 Nov 1872 in Casey Co., KY.
xiii.  Maggie Blair Sharp was born on 6 Dec 1873 in Casey Co., KY.
xiv  Marha Sharp was born on 3 Apr 1875 in Casey Co., KY.
xv.  Frances Esbey Sharp was born on 24 Mar 1877 in Casey Co., KY.
xvi.  George Washington Sharp was born on 29 Nov 1878 in Casey Co., KY.
----- Second Generation -----
2. Benjamin Franklin Sharp - was born on 23 Oct 1857 in Russell Co., KY and died on 23 Nov 1921 in Casey Co., KY . He was the son of John Lewis Sharp and Phoeba Johnston.
Benjamin married Nancy Ann McDonald on 11 Aug 1880 in Casey Co., KY. Nancy was born Mar 1859 in Casey Co., KY. She is the daughter of George William McDonald and Rachel Baldock. She was buried in South Fork Baptist Church and Cemetery . (Sources: - 1)
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Oscar Sharp was born on 17 Feb 1883 in Casey Co., KY.
Oscar married Essie Chapman.

Essie - - had no children and divorced.
  Then Oscar married Thelma Rae Meeks.

Thelma - had 5 children: Duell Sharp, Billy L. Sharp, Lester Sharp, Nancy Sharp and Bobby Sharp. (Sources: - 1)
ii.  Louis Jefferson Sharp was born on 12 Mar 1885 in Casey Co., KY.
Louis married Flora Brown on 23 Dec 1913 in Casey Co., KY.

Louis - had one child who died as an infant. (Sources: - 1)
iii.  James Fonzo "Fonzo" Sharp was born on 18 Oct 1887 and died on 30 Nov 1973 in Oneida, Tenn and was buried in Marcum Cemetery .
James married Eldora Jeffers. She died on 18 Mar 1925 .

Eldora - had 4 children: Rubie Sharp, Dorothy Sharp, Ida Bell Sharp, and Tom Lee Sharp.
  Then James married Ruth Jeffers. She died on 20 Dec 1945 .

Ruth - had 3 children - Nancy Ethel Sharp, Earl Jay Sharp and Ronald Delin Sharp.
  Then James married Cora Erpp.
iv.  Mary Bell Sharp was born Jun 1890.
Mary married Mitchel Chapman on 24 Jan 1915 in Casey Co., KY.
v.  George Washington Sharp was born Mar 1895 and was buried in South Fork Cemetery, Casey Co. Ky .

George - never married and was killed in WW I. (Sources: - 1)
vi.  Hugh R Sharp was born in 1901 in Casey Co., KY. See #3. below.
----- Third Generation -----
3. Hugh R Sharp - also known as: Dewey - was born in 1901 in Casey Co., KY. He is the son of Benjamin Franklin Sharp and Nancy Ann McDonald.
Hugh married Myrtle Roberts on 2 Nov 1922 in Gilpin, Casey Co., KY. Myrtle was born in 1898. (Sources: - 1 - 2)
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Edna Sharp
Edna married Carl Wilbur Hobbs. Carl was born on 24 Jan 1923 in Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio. He was the son of Jacob Arthur Hobbs and Hattie Ann Tabor. He died on 18 Dec 1992 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio .
See Hobbs family for children.
1 Sharp,Tucker, Wheeler, Branson and Related Families Carol Lee. Sanders 985 (view detail...)
2 Descendants of Hugh McDonald R. R. Jordan Web:

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