Shanklin Family Genealogy
Shanklin Family Genealogy

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1. Thomas Shanklin - died before 17 Jan 1775 .

Thomas -

Will: 15 APR 1774 Augusta Co., VA

He names wife, Eleanor, leaving her the tract adjoining Thomas Gordon. Names grandchildren, son Robert's children, Thomas William and Robert, son Thomas's son Thomas. Names his son, John, son (unnamed), son Thomas, and oldest son Robert. Executors named were sons Robert and John. Wit: William and Archibald Hopkins, George Baxter.
Will was proved 17 Jan 1775.. Executors qualified with Archd. Hopkins and George Baxter surety.
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Thomas Shanklin died on 24 Jul 1816 in Fleming Co., Ky . See #2. below.
----- Second Generation -----
2. Thomas Shanklin - died on 24 Jul 1816 in Fleming Co., Ky . He was the son of Thomas Shanklin.
Thomas married Gracy Ann Gordon on 6 Nov 1765 in Augusta Co., VA. Gracy was born in 1741 in Augusta Co., Va. She died on 13 Jan 1840 in Fleming Co., Ky .

Gracy - - parents were Thomas Gordon and Sarah Poage.

Thomas -

Fleming Co., KY - Will Book C. - p. 463 - recorded Apr 7, 1828
by Charles M. Frankli
Thomas Shanklin - date not given
Dau, Nancy Shanklin, widow of Ephraim Hopkins of Logan Co., KY
Son, James Shanklin
Dau., Gracy Shanklin
Son, Thomas Shanklin
Dau., Margaret Shanklin
Son, Gordon Shanklin
Dau, Milley Shanklin
Dau, Betsey Shanklin
Wit: Wm. P. Fleming, John Shanklin, David Heart

This will probably ties in as well, perhaps Nancy Shanklin remarried John Smith

Fleming Co', KY Will Book D - p 288 - recorded 7 Aug 1832
John Smith Will dated 28 March 1931
Daughter: Nancy Smith
Daughter: Polly Shanklin (Deceased)
Grandson: [Robert Shanklin
Grandson:Gordon Shanklin
Witness: Gordon Shanklin
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Gordon Shanklin Sr was born on 21 Nov 1774 and died on 25 Aug 1833 in Fleming Co., Ky . See #3. below.
----- Third Generation -----
3. Gordon Shanklin Sr - was born on 21 Nov 1774 and died on 25 Aug 1833 in Fleming Co., Ky . He was the son of Thomas Shanklin and Gracy Ann Gordon.
Gordon married Anna Hart on 30 Apr 1798 in Fleming Co., KY. Anna was born on 6 Apr 1776 in Rockingham Co., Virginia. She was the daughter of John Hart and Hannah Johns. She died on 18 Mar 1850/1855 in Menard Co., Ill and was buried in Indian Point Cmty near Petersburg, IL. .

Anna -

Census: 1850 Fleming Co., KY, Dist. No. 1, p. 346a:
Ann Shanklin 79 $1200 b. VA
Elijah Looman 75 Farmer b. MD
William Moore? 22 b. KY  
James McClary 10 b. KY, in school.  
(Sources: - 1)

Gordon - is listed in the 1830 Fleming Co. census with 6 sons and three daughters.
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Thomas Shanklin was born on 3 Feb 1801 in Fleming Co, KY and died on 5 Sep 1885 . See #4. below.
ii.  Hannnah Shanklin was born on 25 Aug 1805 and died on 3 Jan 1871 in Petersburg, IL .
Hannnah married William Terhune on 5 Mar 1829 in Fleming Co., KY. William was born on 1 Mar 1799 in Middlesex Co., NJ. He was the son of Daniel Terhune and Anne Williamson. He died on 27 Oct 1881 in Menard Co., IL .
See Terhune family for children.
iii.  Gordon Shanklin Jr was born on 16 Apr 1817 in Ky and died in Henlo, IA .
Gordon married Martha Jones.

Gordon - lived in Peoria Co., Ill in 1850.

Smith Deeds - Fleming Co., KY - Book: U - Page: 102
Instr: Deed
Date: 6 Feb 1837
Grantor: Thomas Smith & wife, Martha, of Peoria, IL
Grantee: Gorden Shanklin of Fleming Co.
Consideration: $700
Acres: 98 acres, according to 2 maps of the above & survey made on 4 Sept 1813 by William Prautt?, Surveyor
Water Course: Willson’s Run in KY
Neighbors/Boundaries: James Young’s line
Comments: a part of 13,000 acres

1850 Census - Peoria County,Illinois page 289 part 1
Gordon Shanklin 32 Ky Farming
Polly Shanklin 35 Ky
Flemming Shanklin 14   Ky
Hannah Hart 66 VA
Rufus Goodrich 28 Farmer OH

Census: 1860 Logan, Peoria, Ill
Gordon Shanklin 42 farmer Ky
Polly Shanklin 47   Ky
Franklin Lillow 20 farm hand Mich

Co. A tenth Ketucky Volunteer Calvery - Aug 1862 to Sep 1863.
Married a "Jane" prior to 1870.

Census: 1880 Adair, Iowa
Gordon Shanklin   63 farmer
Jane Shanklin 59 wife keeping house
----- Fourth Generation -----
4. Thomas Shanklin - was born on 3 Feb 1801 in Fleming Co, KY and died on 5 Sep 1885 . He was the son of Gordon Shanklin Sr and Anna Hart.
Thomas married Mary (Polly) Smith on 21 Sep 1826 in Fleming Co., Kentucky. Mary was born about 1805. She died on 10 Feb 1830 in Flemingsburg, Fleming Co., Kentucky . (Sources: - 2)
  Then Thomas married Margaret Hannah on 6 Feb 1834. (Sources: - 3)

Thomas -

Census: 1850 Fleming Co., KY
Thomas Shanklin 49 Blacksmith Ky  
Margaret Shanklin 48   Ky  
Gordon Shanklin 20 Farmer Ky  
Mary Shanklin 15   Ky  
Jane A. Shanlin 13   Ky  
Ann Shanklin 10   Ky  
Margaret Shanklin 6   Ky  
Howard? McClary 9   Ky  

Two of Thomas an Margaret's children, Mary and Margaret, are buried in the Resources: Hart Family cemetery in Flemingsburg. (Sources: - 2)
Children with Mary (Polly) Smith (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Robert Smith Shanklin was born on 10 Feb 1828 in Ky.
ii.  Gordon Smith Shanklin was born on 20 Jan 1830 in Fleming Co., Kentucky and died on 11 Jul 1913 in Huntington Beach, Orange Co., California .

Gordon - Lived Adjaent to Abram Hart in 1860 Census

Census: 1860 Limestone, Peoria, Illinois
name age occupation born in
Gordon Shanklin 30 Farm Hand Ky
Moranda Shanklin 24   Pa
Margaret Shanklin 2   Ill
Thomas Shanklin 1   Ill
(Sources: - 2)
Children with Margaret Hannah (Quick Family Chart)
iii.  Mary Smith Shanklin was born on 25 Dec 1834 in Ky and died on 15 May 1856 in Fleming Co., Ky and was buried in Hart Graveyard, nr. Mt. Carmel, Fleming Co., KY .

Mary - "In Memory of Mary S. daughter of Thomas and Margaret Shanklin & consort of Geo. Ivens. Died May 15, 185.., aged 20 yrs 4 mo, 20 dss ." (Inscription in Hart family graveyard)
iv.  Jane Stewart Shanklin was born on 18 Dec 1835. (Sources: - 3)
v.  Ann Hart Shanklin was born on 28 May 1839 in Fleming Co., Ky and died on 5 Nov 1897 .
Ann married James Thrailkill Dorsey.

James - was a farmer near Flemingsburg. (Sources: - 3)
vi.  Margaret T. Shanklin was born on 28 Apr 1844 in Ky and died on 3 Dec 1863 and was buried in Hart Graveyard, nr. Mt. Carmel, Fleming Co., KY .

Margaret -

Inscription in Hart Family Graveyard
Margaret T. daughter of T. and M. Shanklin, born April 28, 1844; died Dec 3 1863
O do not weep or grieve for me,
You know I must go home
I was upon a visit here,
And now I must return
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