Scholenberger Family Genealogy
Scholenberger Family Genealogy

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1. Mr. Scholenberger -

Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Wanda Scholenberger was born in 1892/1893 in Bremen, Germany and died on 3 Feb 1964 in Toledo, Oh .
----- Second Generation -----
2. Wanda Scholenberger - was born in 1892/1893 in Bremen, Germany and died on 3 Feb 1964 in Toledo, Oh . She was the daughter of Mr. Scholenberger.
Wanda married Mr. Werner.
  Then Wanda married Marvin Ray Spooner. Marvin was born on 11 Sep 1893 in Lakeview, Montcalm, Michigan. He was the son of Frederick Adolphus Spooner. He died Jun 1966 in Apache Jct., AZ .

Marvin -

1930 Census Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio
name relation age marital status born father born mother born occupation
Marvin A. Spooner head 38 m-22 Michigan Michigan Michigan Laborer - automobile co.
Wanda Spooner wife 37 m-21 Germany Germany Germany  
Albert Spooner son 17 S Ohio Michigan Germany  
Harold Spooner son 15 S Ohio Michigan Germany  
Marvin E. Spooner, Jr son 5 S Ohio Michigan Germany  

WW1 draft registration lists birth date as Sept 11, 1894, says he worked as a Moulder for the Ideal Furnace Company in Milan, Michigan in 1917.
SSN records put death date as Jun 1965

Wanda -

email from Becky Spooner - April 2010
In the picture from left to right are:
Albert Werner (we called him Uncle Al - He and our father had the same mother)
Wanda (our father’s mother)
Harold (we called him Uncle Shutz - He and Albert were our father’s half brothers)
Marvin Ray Spooner (Daddy’s father and our Grandfather- I guess - not that we ever really had a relationship like that)
(Courtesy Becky spooner and Mark Werner)

email from Mark Werner April 2010

Thanks for the website I never knew where Grandma was born.
The 1930 census list Dad (Harold) and Albert as Spooners they should be Werner. I doubt that the nationalization papers were ever filled out. I believe this photo is Grandma and Marvin Spooner's wedding picture prior to you Dad being born. Both Albert (Left) and Harold (Middle) were born in Morris Manitoba Canada, as were Arthur and Alice. Not sure where Richard (my unknown uncle) was born either in Toledo or I heard Cleveland before the marriage and was given up for adoption,
Mr Spooner looks pretty dapper. Got the photo from Aunt Alice Olson.
(Sources: - 1)
Children with Mr. Werner
i.  Albert Werner was born about 1913 in Morris Manitoba Canada.
ii.  Harold Werner was born about 1916 in Morris Manitoba Canada.
Children with Marvin Ray Spooner
See Spooner family for children.
Image of Wanda Scholenberger

Wanda Scholenberger

Albert Werner, Wanda, Harold Werner, Marvin Ray Spooner
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1 email from Becky Spooner April 2010

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