of Iceni Family Genealogy
of Iceni Family Genealogy

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1. King Prasutagus of Iceni - died in 0060 .
King Prasutagus married Queen Boadicea "of Icenians" d'Iceni. She died in 0062 .

Queen Boadicea - Between AD 61 and AD 63 Boadicea led her Iceni people to a glorious war against the Romans. The Iceni Celts had submitted their kingdom in East Anglia to the conquering Romans and the rule of Emperor Claudius in AD 43. In AD 61, Prasutagus, Boadicea's husband and King of the Iceni died. A dispute followed during which Boadicea, was publicly beaten by the soldiers of the emperor, and her two daughters raped. The Iceni were insulted and rose in revolt led by their queen Boadicea. So successful was the uprising that the Romans were almost defeated. Unfortunately for the Iceni and their allies, the military skill of the Roman army finally led to the crushing of the rebellion.After the revolt, Roman rule was re-established. For almost two glorious years, Boadicea pillaged the Roman settlements; she remains to this day, the greatest of the heroines of Britain.

King Prasutagus - The King of the Iceni was Prasutagus who during his reign amassed considerable wealth. The Roman procedure at the time was that if a vassal king died the Romans took over the area and the benefits of ownership. Prasutagus tried to side-step this by leaving instructions that on his death, his lands and wealth should be equally divided between his family (his wife Boudicca and his two daughters) and Rome.
Prasutagus died in 60AD. When the Romans heard of his will they moved in to take possession of the wealth and territory. Boudicca was flogged, her daughters raped, and the Iceni hierarchy treated like slaves.
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Victoria of Iceni was born about 0040.
Victoria married King Marius "of Britain" of Siluria and Britons. King Marius was born in 0045. He was the son of King Arviragus "of Britain" of Siluria and Julia Venissa. He died in 0125 .
See King Cyvelm family for children.
Image of Statue of Boadicea

Statue of Boadicea

by Thomas Thornycroft presented to London by his son and placed near the British Houses of Parliament in 1902 by the London County Council
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