of England Family Genealogy
of England Family Genealogy

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1. King Henry I "Beauclerc" of England - was born in 1068 in Shelby, Yorkshire, England and died Dec 1135 in St. Denis, Seine-St.Denis, France and was buried in Reading Abbey, Berkshire, England . He was the son of King Guillaume "Le Conquerant" de Normandie and Queen Matilda van Vlaanderen.
King Henry married Princess Matilda of Scotland on 11 Nov 1100 in England. Princess Matilda was born about 1070/1080 in Dunfermine, Fifeshire, Scotland. She was the daughter of King Malcolm III "Ceanmor (Longneck)" of Scotland and Queen Margaret of Scotland. She died on 1 May 1118 in Westminster, Middlesex, England .

Princess Matilda - Daughter of the king of Scotland.
  Then King Henry married Sybilla Corbet in Not married. Sybilla was born about 1070, lived in Caen, , Calvedos, Normandy, France.
  Then King Henry married Queen Adelicia of Louvain on 29 Jan 1122 in Windsor Castle,Windsor,Berkshire,England. Queen Adelicia was born about 1105, lived in Louvain, Belgium. She was the daughter of Duke Godfrey "A La Barbe" de Lorraine and Countess Clementia de Namur. She died on 23 Apr 1151 in Affigham, Flanders, France .

Queen Adelicia - Queen of England

King Henry - Henry I (born 1068, ruled 1100-35). The youngest son of William the Conqueror was born in England. His nickname, Beauclerc, which means "good scholar," was given him because of his fine education. He seized the crown in the year 1100, when his brother King William II was killed in a hunting accident and his brother Robert, duke of Normandy, who was next in the line of succession, was absent on a crusade (see William, Kings of England). At his accession Henry I issued the famous Charter of Liberties, which, over a hundred years later, was used as the basis of Magna Carta, the foundation of the liberties of the Anglo-Saxon world. He also favored the church in order to gain its backing against the claims of his brother Robert to the English throne. The Charter of Liberties helped gain Henry the support of the nobles. He conciliated the English, conquered by his father, by marrying Matilda, who was the daughter of King Malcolm III of Scotland and who was descended from the Anglo-Saxon kings. The support of the common people was assured by the justice he administered through the King's Court. Henry's only son, William Aetheling, was drowned in 1120 when the White Ship sank in the English Channel. According to legend, the king never smiled again. The accident left his daughter Matilda, widow of the Holy Roman emperor Henry V, and his nephew Stephen contestants for the throne at his death.
The youngest and ablest of William I the Conqueror's sons, Henry strengthened the crown's powers and modernized royal administration.
He was crowned at Westminster three days after his brother, William II, had been killed in a hunting accident in 1100.
Children with Princess Matilda of Scotland (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Queen Matilda was born in 1104 in Middlesex, England and died on 10 Sep 1169 in Abbey of Notre Dame des Prés, Rouen and was buried in Fontevraud Abbey, Anjou, France .
Queen Matilda married Count Geoffrey V "le Bon" - "The Handsome" Plantagenet on 22 May 1128 in Le Mans Cathedral, Anjou. Count Geoffrey was born on 24 Aug 1113 in Anjou, France. He was the son of Count Fouiques V of Anjou and Ermengarde Du Maine. He died on 7 Sep 1151 in Chateau, France and was buried in Mans, St. Julian's Church .

Queen Matilda - - King Henry I, in 1127, when a new alliance was made at Rouen, bethrothed his daughter Maud (or Maltilda) to Goeffrey Plantagenet.
She was the widow of Emperor Henry V., Emporer of the Roman Empire. She was known as "The Empress" of England.
See Plantagenet family for children.
ii.  Princess Elizabeth of England was born about 1095, lived in Talby, Yorkshire, England.
Princess Elizabeth married Lord Fergus of Galloway about 1124 while living in Carrick, Arshire, Scotland. Lord Fergus was born about 1090, lived in Galloway, Wigtownshire, Scotland. He died in 1161 in Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, Edinburgshire, Scotland .
See of Galloway family for children.
Children with Sybilla Corbet (Quick Family Chart)
iii.  Earl Robert "The King's Son" de Caen was born about 1090, lived in Caen, Normandy, France and died on 21 Oct 1147 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England . See #2. below.
iv.  Princess Maud of England was born about 1091 in England.
Princess Maud married Duke Conan III "le Gross" of Bretagne Mar 1113 in England. Duke Conan was born in 1096 in Bretagne, Indre, France. He was the son of Duke Alan IV of Bretagne and Countess Ermengard of Anjou. He died on 17 Sep 1148 .
See of Cornouaille family for children.
Image of King Henry I

King Henry I

Image of Reading Abbey

Reading Abbey

----- Second Generation -----
2. Earl Robert "The King's Son" de Caen - was born about 1090, lived in Caen, Normandy, France and died on 21 Oct 1147 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England . He was the son of King Henry I "Beauclerc" of England and Sybilla Corbet.
Earl Robert married Maud Fitzhammon about 1115 while living in Gloucestershire, England. Maud was born about 1094, lived in Gloucestershire, England. She was the daughter of Robert Fitzhammon and Sybyl de Montgomery. She died in 1157 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England .
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Maud Fitzrobert was born about 1120, lived in Gloucestershire, England and died on 29 Jul 1189 in Chester, England .
Maud married Ranulph de Meschines about 1141 while living in Gloucestershire, England. Ranulph was born in 1099 in Castle Gernon, Normandy, France. He was the son of Earl of Chester Ranulph Le Meshine and Countess Lucy of Chester. He died on 16 Dec 1153 in England .
See de Bayeux family for children.

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