Ingersoll Family Genealogy
Ingersoll Family Genealogy

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1. John Inkersall - was born about 1567 and died in Derby, England and was buried on 18 Aug 1617 in St. Werburgh's.
John married Rose Staley on 2 Dec 1592 in St. Werburgh's. She was buried on 1 Aug 1617

Rose - name was Saley or Taley

John - - his origin is unknown although there were earlier Inkersalls in the borough of Derby who may have been related to him.
The surname, at least in Derbyshire, may have originated from Inkersall, a location in Scarsdale Hundred. The name may have been derived from Hynkere's Hill. Hynkere is a nickname meaning the limper, or the lame one.

Inkersall Name

Saw your info on the Inkersall name. It also may have derived from the Scandinavian INGE whereas other parts were later added. We have an Ingersoll book written on the Ingersolls and how the name supposedly was derived by Lillian Drake Avery and is with the Library of Congress. We are descended from John Ingersoll of Long Island, originally from England.
Thought you'd like to know.
Judy Ingersoll
(Sources: - 1)
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Thomas Inkersall was born about 1593 and died on 30 May 1681 in Derby, England and was buried in St. Werburgh's . See #2. below.
Image of Ingersoll Family Crest

Ingersoll Family Crest

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----- Second Generation -----
2. Thomas Inkersall - was born about 1593 and died on 30 May 1681 in Derby, England and was buried in St. Werburgh's . He was the son of John Inkersall and Rose Staley.
Thomas married Margery Eaton on 15 Dec 1620 in Stepney, Middlesex, England. Margery was born Nov 1604. She was the daughter of John Eaton and Elizabeth Hudson. She died Dec 1664 in Derby, England and was buried in St. Werburgh's .

Thomas - moved from Derby to the Greater London area, where he became a ropemaker in Stepney. Around 1625 he returned to Derby where he was a shoemaker and the town crier.
He executed his will in August 1673 when he was sickly and weak, but he recovered and continued to perform his duties as town crier.
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  John Ingersoll was born in 1624 and was buried on 13 Dec 1624 in Stepney, Middlesex, England.
ii.  John Ingersoll (2) was born Sep 1626 in Bedfordshire, England and died on 3 Sep 1684 in Westfield, Mass. . See #3. below.
iii.  Thomas Ingersoll Jr was born on 14 Apr 1628 and died after 1681 .
iv.  Sarah Ingersoll was chr. on 27 Feb 1629/1630 and died after 1673 .
v.  Hester Ingersoll was born in 1631.
vi.  Elizabeth Ingersoll was chr. Oct 1633.
vii.  Samuel Ingersoll was chr. on 14 Oct 1638.

Samuel - succeeded his father as town crier of Derby.
----- Third Generation -----
3. John Ingersoll (2) - was born Sep 1626 in Bedfordshire, England and died on 3 Sep 1684 in Westfield, Mass. . He was the son of Thomas Inkersall and Margery Eaton.
John married Dorothy Lord about 1651. Dorothy was chr. on 1 Jul 1629. She was the daughter of Dr. Thomas Lord and Dorothy Bird. She died on 3 Jan 1657 in Northampton, Mass. .

Dorothy - came to America with her parents and joined them when they settled in Hartford, Conn.
  Then John married Abigail Bascom on 2 Dec 1657 in Northampton, Mass.. Abigail was chr. on 7 Jun 1640. She was the daughter of Thomas Bascom and Avis Jessie. She died in 1668 in Westfield, MA .
  Then John married Mary Hunt about 1667. She died Aug/Sep 1690 .

Mary - daughter of John Hunt and Mary Webster.

John - arrived in Salem,Ma. on the Mayflower (not the original landing) on May 15, 1629 and was an original settler of Westfield. He was the first innkeeper at Great Barrington,Ma. and he was a large land owner, parish treasurer, and one of the "Seven Pillars of the Church" at Westfield.
John was apprenticed on 25 Jan 1641/2 to Thomas Dawes of the Tylers and Bricklayers Company of London, England. His apprenticeship may havee been interupted by the Engluish Civil War.
Was in Hartford in 1651 and 1654. From Hartford, he moved up the Connecticut River to Northampton, MA.
Children with Dorothy Lord (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Hannah Ingersoll was born in 1652 in Hartford, Conn. and died on 30 Nov 1714 .

Hannah - married Stephen Kelsey in 1672.
ii.  Dorothy Ingersoll was born in 1654 in Hartford, Conn..

Dorothy - married Jacob Phelps in 1672, then a Mr. ROOT.
iii.  Margery Ingersoll was born Jan 1656 in Northampton, Conn..

Margery - married Jacob Goffe in 1679, then Jonathan Buck.
Children with Abigail Bascom (Quick Family Chart)
iv.  Abigail Ingersoll was born on 11 Jan 1659 in Northampton, Mass..

Abigail - married Thomas Rix then Joshua Wells.
v.  Sarah Ingersoll was born on 30 Oct 1660 in Northampton, Mass..

Sarah - married a Mr. BARNES.
vi.  Abigail (2) Ingersoll was born on 24 Aug 1663 in Northampton, Mass..

Abigail - married Jedediah Strong.
vii.  Hester Ingersoll was born on 9 Sep 1665 in Northampton, Mass. and died on 27 Nov 1705 in Hotel Dieu, Montreal, Quebec, Canada and was buried in Churchyard, Hotel Dieu .
viii.  Thomas Ingersoll was born on 28 Mar 1668 in Westfield, Mass..
Children with Mary Hunt (Quick Family Chart)
ix.  John Ingersoll was born on 19 Oct 1669 in Westfield, Mass. and died on 18 May 1750 .

John - married Isabel Brown in 1699.
x.  Abel Ingersoll was born on 11 Nov 1671 in Westfield, Mass..
xi.  Ebenezer Ingersoll was born on 15 Oct 1673 in Westfield, Mass..
xii.  Joseph Ingersoll was born on 16 Oct 1675 in Westfield, Mass. and died on 29 Feb 1704 in Deerfield, Mass. .
xiii.  Mary Ingersoll was born on 17 Nov 1677 in Westfield, Mass..
xiv  Benjamin Ingersoll was born on 15 Nov 1679 in Westfield, Mass. and died about 1686 .
xv.  Jonathan Ingersoll was born on 10 May 1681 in Westfield, Mass..

Jonathan - was a joiner in 1714. Married Sarah and had 6 children.
----- Fourth Generation -----
4. Hester Ingersoll - was born on 9 Sep 1665 in Northampton, Mass. and died on 27 Nov 1705 in Hotel Dieu, Montreal, Quebec, Canada and was buried in Churchyard, Hotel Dieu . She was the daughter of John Ingersoll (2) and Abigail Bascom.
Hester married William Gurley in 1686 in Northampton, MA. William was born in 1665 in Inverness, Scotland. He died on 1 May 1687 in Northampton, Hampshire, Ma .

William - died as a result of accidental drowning in the Connecticut River, near Norhampton, MA..

Genealogical Notes First Settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts: William Gurley,

One of the First Settlers of Northampton, Mass. First Generation. William Gurley , (William Gurley , the first of the name, was brought into New England from Scotland ; as he said,-probably from Edinburgh .
He was born in the year 1665 , but left no record by which we are able to satisfy ourselves concerning his parents or relations. He was brought up in the family of the Rev. Mr. Solomon Stoddard , of Northampton . He died at the age of 22 years, having been accidentally drowned in Connecticut river , leaving an only child, a son, about one week old.
He is reputed to have been truly pious, and a sincere follower of Jesus Christ. Manuscript relating to the Gurley Family.) of Northampton, Mass , was married to Hester Ingersoll , daughter of John Ingersoll , of Westfield, Mass. , formerly of Hartford, Conn. , and Northampton, Mass. , 1684 . After his death, she was married to Benoni Jones , of Northampton , January 23, 1689 , by whom she had four children, viz: Jonathan , born January 4, 1695 , and died young. Benjamin , born 1696 , settled in Coventry, Conn. Ebenezer , born November 12, 1698 . Jonathan , born March 3, 1703 ; the two last, together with their father, were slain by the enemy, at Poscummuck , north end of Mount Tom, Northampton , May 13, 1704 .
(First Settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts)
(Sources: - 2 (red 1608) )
  Then Hester married Benoni Jones on 23 Jan 1689. Benoni was born in 1666 in Northampton, Mass.. He was the son of Griffith Jones. He died on 13 May 1704 in Pascommuck, Ma .

Benoni - lived at Pascommuck, north end of Mt. Tom, Northampton, after they were married.
The family lived in a cluster of houses known as Pascommuch lying at the foot of Mt. Tom, now within the ciy limits of Eastampton, Mass. The Benoni Jones house was the only house in the area that was fortified.
At the age of twelve, Benoni was indentured to William Clarke of Northampton, until he came of age. It was stipulated that Clarke should "learn him to read and write and give him five pounds at the end of his term with sufficient clothig such as servants usually have and at the end of his time two suits of apparel". He and four others resided in Pascommuck, now Easthampton, settled about 1699. His farm was about four miles from Northampton center and was the garrison house during Indian hostilities.
On May 13, 1704, the French and Indians made a descent upon Pascommuck and killed Benoni Jones and his two youngest children. His wife, Hester Ingersoll, was captured and was taken to Canada as a prisoner, where she died later in the year. The wife of Benjamin Janes, a neighbor and relative, was taken to the top of Pomeroy Mountain, scalped and left for dead, but she recovered. Benjamin moved to Coventry, Connecticut. Samuel Janes was slain during the same attack.
There is a monument in memory of this raid standing in Easthampton today:

    "On May 14, 1704, the village of Pascommuck was attacked by a group of Native Americans allied with the Quebec colony of France. This boulder stands on the site of the home of Moses Hutchinson. Other settlers included the families of Benoni Janes (Jones), John Searle Jr., Samuel Janes, and Benjamin Janes. Of the 33 inhabitants of the villiage, 19 were killed and 8 escaped during the attack. Of the 6 taken captive, 3 escaped."

Here is another account of the massacre from History of the Janes-Peek Family By Dr. Reba Neighbors-Collins

In May of 1704, a band of Indians attacked the little five-family village of Puokhumuck or Pascomac, later part of Southampton. It was just before daylight when they set fire to the pickets surrounding the home of Benoni Jones. A young women named Patience Webb looked out the window to see what was happening and was shot in the head. The rest of the village surrendered.
Nineteen persons were killed-Samuel Janes, his wife and three children (He was the first born of William Janes and Hanna Broughton), Benoni Jones and his two children, Miss Webb, Moses Hutchinson and one child, and the four children of Benjamin Janes (grandchildren of William and Hanna). John Searl, husband of Ruth Janes, was also killed as were three of their children. Ruth was severely wounded, but was rescued and later recovered. The son Elisha, age 9, was taken to Canada where he remained a captive of the Indians for many years.
As the prisoners were being marched and dragged away from the burning village, Benjamin managed to drop back, then slip away from his captors. Darting down a creek, hidden by bushes, he found a skiff and headed for Northampton to alert the town.
Hastily aroused men of the town sped after the Indians. On the top of Pomeroy's mountain the found Benjamin's wife Hannah. She had been knocked on the head, scalped and left for dead. Amazingly, after many months, she recovered and lived to be 80 years old.

email from Elise Bernier-Feeley - Dec 2006

There is an error in the information listed for Benoni Jones concerning place of death. Your information states that he died at Pascommuck, Connecticut. Actually, the place was Pascommuck, in Massachusetts. The area is now part of Easthampton, Massachusetts.
Sincerely yours,
Elise Bernier-Feeley
Local History Librarian
Forbes Library

Hester - On May 13, 1704, the French and Indians made a descent upon Pascommuck and killed her husband, Benoni Jones, and their two youngest children. Hester was captured and was taken to Canada as a prisoner. She was obliged, by her captors, to make the whole journey on foot, and suffered many hardships and was treated with much cruelty.
She eventually died in Canada after enduring many tortures by the French priests in their vain endeavors to convert her from the Puritan faith to the Roman Catholic religion.
Children with William Gurley
i.  Samuel Gurley was born on 17 May 1687 in Northampton, MA and died on 23 Feb 1760 in Coventry, CT .
Samuel married Experience Rust about 1712 in Mansfield,Tolland,Connecticut. Experience was born on 1 Nov 1693 in Coventry,Tolland,Connecticut. She died on 10 Jul 1768 in Mansfield, Windham Co., Connecticut .

Experience - daughter of Nathaniel Rust and Mary Atchison.

Burial of Samuel & Experience Gurley

"The following are inscirptions on a few of the grave-stones in an old Cemetery situated about a mile and a half north west from the meeting house in North Mansfield, Connecticut. It is commonly known as the Gurley burying ground. It will be observed that in all cases the persons whose names have been selected for transcription were, with the exception of the last two, born before the year 1700. They were the earliest settlers in this part of Mansfield. Their descendants are, for the most part, very numerous, and are found in nearly all the States. "In Memory of Mrs. Experience Gurley wife of Mr. Samuel Gurley who died July 10th 1768 in ye 74th year of her age" (N.B. - Near by is the grave of Mr. Samuel Gurley, but the inscription on the stone is illegible.)"
( from NEHGR, v. 22, p. 387; Inscriptions on Grave-Stones in North Mansfield, Connecticut; [communicated by the Rev. Edmund F. Slafter, A.M.)
(from an email from Deborah Sweet - 6/2005)
(Sources: - 3)

Samuel - was a farmer and was prominent in political affairs. "He was distinguished for piety, and was eminently useful in the cause of religion and humanity."
Samuel and Experience had 10 children. (Sources: - 3)
Children with Benoni Jones
See Jones family for children.
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