Holloran Family Genealogy
Holloran Family Genealogy

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1. Edward Holloran - was born about 1830 in Ireland and died on 11 Jun 1883 in Beloit, Wisconsin .
Edward married Bridgett Doran. Bridgett was born about 1834 in Ireland. She was the daughter of Mr. Doran. She died May 1871 .

Bridgett - Bridget and Ed lived next to her brother(?) Pat Doran in Beloit in 1870

Edward - Edmond was a Laborer in Beloit Wisc in 1870.

Census: 1870 Wisconsin, Rock Co., Beloit - 1st ward
name age occupation born in
Ed Holloran 40 Labroer Ireland
Bridgett Holloran 36 Keeps House Ireland
Margaret Holloran 10 Attends School Wisconsin
Mary Holloran 7 Attends School Wisconsin
Edward Holloran 4   Wisconsin
Wm Holloran 2   Wisconsin

Census: 1880 Beloit, Rock, Wisc
name relation age born in occupation father born mother born
Edward Holland self 45 ire Day Laborer Ire Ire
Mary Holland dau 17 wi Keeps House Ire Ire
William Holland son 12 wi Attends School Ire Ire

Edward received a Resources: letter from his brother in law Daniel Doran in 1882 suggesting that Edward move to Missouri with them. Perhaps Edward should have taken his advice, because he died the next year when a giant tornado came to Beloit:

Dreadful Tornado

Beloit Badly Shattered by Terrific winds.
One Man killed and Six Persons Wounded The long immunity is over and Beloit has bowed low before the dread tornado, and death and mangled body and wrecked structure and uptorn tree testify to the mighty force of the awful visitant.
Tje only loss of life was the killing of Mr. Edward Halloran, who was crushed to death beneath the falling wall of the north machine room of the Rock River paper mill. Mr. Halloran was a man well along in years, and leaves a young son besides two married daughters. He has lived in the city many years, and was a quiet and excellent citizen, and much regret is felt at his untimely decease.
There were numerous hair bredth escapes, but most fortunately no other lives were lost than than of Mr Halloran. With the exception of Mr. Malloy, it is believed that none received injuries from which they will not fully recover in the course of time.
Some of the mill hands witnessed the destruction of the machine room, and say that a funnel shaped cloud came twisting and bounding from a northwest direction striking into the river just below the new bridge piling, and drawing a great volume of water high into the air, then jumping right on to the machine room leveling the east and north-east walls. Mr. Edward Holloran, the employee who lost his life, and another workman named John Mallory had been watching the cyclone, and fearing that it would strike them, they attempted to get into the mill. Malloy jumped through a window and saved his life, but received bad injuries. Mr. Holleran tried to reach the door, but before he could enter it he was crushed beneath the heavy stone wall. His remains were recovered a few hours later.
His body did not show many bruises but his head and face were badly mangled. His position when found showed that he knew the wall was falling, as he had one hand out as if to restrain it. W. D. Kellog Esq. was on the bridge when the storm was at its greatest fury and would have been blown into the river, but he grasped the railing and his life was nearly whipped out oh him, yet he escaped with nothing more than bruises.
(Beloit Free Press - June 14, 1883)
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Margaret Holloran was born about 1860 in Wisc..
Margaret married Henry Bickenbach. Henry was born about 1856 in Des Moines, Iowa. He is the son of Henry Bickenbach.

Margaret - The Bibbins Photo Album notes refer to "Billy & Bridget Welsh Rogers Cousins of Grandma Bibbins". Margaret Holloran is living with Catherine Welch in 1860. Two doors down is Michael Welch. There is probably a connection
Also there is a picture of: · "Mary Eliza, Luisa and Mamie Welsh - These are Welsh’s - relatives of - 1st cousins of Aunt Maggie Bickenbach who was mother’s half syster."
So Margaret Holloran was Mary Holloran's half sister. She is listed in the 1880 Iowa Census with Henry Bickenbach.

Census: 1860 Wisconsin, Rock Co. , Beloit
name age occupation born in
Catherine Welch 50   Ireland
Thomas Welch 30 Laborer Ireland
John Welch 24   Ireland
Margaret Holloren 10/12   Wisconsin

Census: 1860 Wisconsin, Rock Co. , Beloit
name age occupation born in
Michael Welch 73 Laborer Ireland
Bridget Welch 71   Ireland
Bridget Donahue 28   Ireland
Edward Donahue 11   Illinois
Mavy Donahue 3   Illinois

See Bickenbach family for children.
ii.  Mary O'Holloran was born on 8 Apr 1863 in Clinton, Rock Co., WI and died on 16 Nov 1942 in Lafayette, Ind and was buried in Oakwood Cmty, Beloit, Wisc .
Mary married Francis Eugene Bibbins Sr on 29 Jan 1881 in Beloit, Wisc.. Francis was born on 3 Dec 1855 in Ossian, Benington Co., Ny. He was the son of Smith Bibbins and Angeline H. Fargo. He died on 23 Dec 1928 in Delphi, Ind and was buried in Oakwood Cmty, Beloit, Wisc .

Mary -

Obituary - Nov 16 1942

Mrs. Mary Bibbins, 79, widow of Francis Bibbins, Sr., died early today at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Fred S. Hencke, 828 S. Seventh St., Lafayette, ind., where she had made her home for five years.
She was born April 8, 1863, in Clinton, Wis. She was married to Mr. Bibbins Jan 29, 1880. In 1898 they moved to Delphi, Ind., where Mr. Bibbins was superintendent of the water works for may years. He died about 15 years ago.
Mrs. Bibbins was a member of the Baptist church at Delphi and of the O.E.S. and Pythians Sisters there.
She leaves one son, Dr. Francis Bibbins, Indianapolis, Ind., and one daughter, Mrs. Hencke, and two grand children, Eugene B. Bibbins, who is stationed at Fort Sill, Okla, and Mrs. Ruth Bibbins Hart, Chicago.
Funeral Services will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Rosman-Uehling-Kinzer chapel. The Rev. William P. Leek will officiate.

See Bibbins family for children.
iii.  Edward Holloran was born about 1864 in Wisc..
iv.  William Holloran was born about 1868 in Beloit, Wisc..

William - We have a picture of 'Uncle Will' Holloran - who is incorrectly listed as Grandpa Bibbins's brother.
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Mary O'Holloran

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Will Holloran

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