Hodsdon Family Genealogy
Hodsdon Family Genealogy

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1. Nichilas Hodsdon - was born about 1615 in England and died in 1704 in Wells, Maine .
Nichilas married Ester Wines on 10 Dec 1630 in Hingham, MA. Ester was born about 1618. She died on 29 Nov 1647 in Hingham, MA .

Nichilas - and his family remained in Hingham until about 1650, when he purchased, with others, large tracts of land at Cambridge Hill, now Newton, near the line which divides Brookline and Newton. While living in Hingham, he was received as freeman on 9 March 1636/7. Before 1656, he had moved and was living in Kittery, Maine and thereafter he received several grants of land from that town. Nicholas first appears on record at Kittery, ME in 1655 for being absent from meeting. In 1659 he and others, among which were our ancestors Anthony Emery and Richard Nason, were ordered to Boston for entertaining Quakers. Nicholas pleaded not guilty but it was ordered that he be admonished by the Governor.
Nicholas deeded his homestead at Kittery to his son, Benoni, in 1678 for support of himself and wife, except 7 acres whereon his son-in-law, John Morrell, was then living. In 1679, he deeded 40 acres of land to his son, Timothy.
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Esther Hodsdon was born before 20 Sep 1640 in Hingham, MA and died after 11 Mar 1723 in Kittery, ME .

Esther - married Edward Weymouth.
ii.  Mehitable Hodsdon was born Nov 1641 in Hingham, MA and died Oct 1694 in Boston, MA .

Mehitable - married Peter Welcome in 1664/65.
iii.  Jeremiah Hodsdon was born on 6 Sep 1643 in Hingham, MA and died in 1716 .

Jeremiah - married Ann Thwaits.
iv.  Elizabeth Hodsdon was born in Hingham, MA and died before 1663 .
v.  Israel Hodsdon was born before 19 Jul 1646 in Hingham, MA and died in 1696 .

Israel - married Ann Thompson.
vi.  Benoni Hodsdon was chr. on 5 Dec 1647 and was buried in 1718 in Berwick, Me. See #2. below.
----- Second Generation -----
2. Benoni Hodsdon - was chr. on 5 Dec 1647 and was buried in 1718 in Berwick, Me. He is the son of Nichilas Hodsdon and Ester Wines.
Benoni married Abigail Curtis about 1678 in York Co., ME. Abigail was born in 1653 in Gorgeana, ME. She was the daughter of Thomas Curtis and Elizabeth Salmon. She died after 1718 .

Benoni - and Abigail lived at Quamphegon, near Salmon Falls, ME, where their house was burned by the Indians 16 Oct. 1675 and several inhabitants were slain. Benoni was given the homestead at Birchen Point, Kittery, ME, by his father on 22 Oct. 1678. He was a prominent man, selectman in 1692 and 1694, an influential member of the church and one of the committee to locate the meeting house in 1701 and a representative in 1718. Benoni sold his homestead 2 March 1773 to his son, Thomas, he to pay his borthers and sisters a certain sum as their share of their father's estate. The administration on his estate was granted to his widow on 15 May 1718.
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Hannah Hodsdon
Hannah married Richard Shackley on 17 Nov 1709 in Ipswich, Ma. He died in 1783 in Berwick, Me .
See Shackley family for children.
ii.  John Hodsdon was born on 24 Jul 1698 in Boston, MA and died before 1733 .

John - married Elizabeth Wingate.

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