Herculius Family Genealogy
Herculius Family Genealogy

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1. Emporer Manimianus I Herculius - died in 0310 .
Emporer Manimianus married Eutropia. Eutropia , lived in Syria.
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i.  Empress Flavia Maxima Fausta was born in 0289 and died in 0326 .
Empress Flavia married Emporer Constatine "The Great" of Rome. Emporer Constatine was born on 27 Feb 0228 in Naissus,Serbia. He was the son of Flavius Valerius Constantius. He died on 22 May 0337 .

Empress Flavia - Although both Constantine's and Fausta's specific dates of birth are subject to question, it is certain that he was her senior by fifteen or more years. Constantine's drive for sole power must have put a strain on the relationship on at least two occasions. In 310, when Maximian plotted against Constantine, Fausta revealed the plot, thus contributing to her own father's end.[8] On 28 October 312 Fausta's brother, the emperor Maxentius, suffered defeat and lost his life in the famous Battle of the Milvian Bridge. The next day his body was recovered from the Tiber River. Constantine had the severed head affixed to a pike and carried through the streets of Rome.[9] We do not know Fausta's reaction to this act of brutality.
See Constantius family for children.
Image of coin with the image of Empress Fausta

coin with the image of Empress Fausta

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