Haythorne Family Genealogy
Haythorne Family Genealogy

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1. Justice Kyle Haythorne - was born on 31 Aug 1924 and died Feb. 11, 1951 and was buried in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery .
Justice married Dorothy Marie Cecelia Darrigan. Dorothy was born in 1922. She died in 1994 .

Captain Haythorne was the pilot of a F-51D Mustang night fighter with the 40th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, 35th Fighter-Interceptor Group. His aircraft received a direct hit by anti-aircraft fire while on a combat mission. He was able to bail out but died of wounds received. He was awarded the Purple Heart, thet Korean Service Medal the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal and the Korean War Service Medal. He was from San Antonio, Texas. (Source: Find a Grave) (Sources: - 1)
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i.  Cheryle Florence Haythorne was born on 14 Jan 1947 in New York.
Cheryle married Norwood Alan "Woody" Hart on 7 Jun 1970. Norwood was born on 29 Mar 1946 in Chicago, IL. He is the son of Norwood Albert Hart and Jean Young Lidster.

Cheryle - - parents were Justice Kyle Haythorne and Dorothy Marie Cecelia Darrigan
See Hart family for children.
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