Gates Family Genealogy
Gates Family Genealogy

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1. Stephen Gates Sr. - was born before 20 May 1599 in England and died in 1662 in Cambridge, MA .
Stephen married Ann Veare. Ann was born in 1603 in England. She died on 5 Feb 1682/1683 in Stow, MA .

Ann - FYI - April 2009 NEHGR offers that Anne (Veare) (Gates) Woodward is really Ann Neave. (email from George Woodward - May 2009)

Stephen - settled in Hingham, MA where he received a grant of a three acre planting lot. His house lot was on Town (now North) Street, bounded north by the street, east by William Buckland, and west by the town swamp. He received a grant of half an acre of salt marsh in 1647. He and his wife probably joined the Hingham church about May 3, 1646 when their children Simon, Thomas, Isaac, and Rebecca were baptized.
The information given by Charles Otis Gates in his 1898 publication "Stephen Gates of Hingham and Lancaster, Massachusetts and his Descendants" regarding the parentage of Stephen Gates the immigrant is apparent erroneous. He claimed that Stephen's father was a Thomas GATES and that his paternal Grandparents were Peter GATES of London and Mary Josselyn. According to the Harlein Society publication "The Visitation of Suffolk, 1561, 1577 and 1612", London 1981, this Peter Gates was age 29 in 1612, thus could not have been a grandfather of our Stephen Gates (who we know was born about 1599). Also, Peter Gates and Mary Josselyn apparently had one son, Jocelyn, bapt. Feb 1606/07 at St. Mary Woolchurch Haugh, London and perhaps two daughters. Also, the NEHGS Vol. 137, Apr 1983, pg 146 has an article about further errors made by C.O. Gates regarding the ancestry of Stephen Gates.
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Stephen Gates was born in 1640 in Hingham, MA and died in 1706 in Acton, MA . See #2. below.
Image of Gates Family Crest

Gates Family Crest

----- Second Generation -----
2. Stephen Gates - was born in 1640 in Hingham, MA and died in 1706 in Acton, MA . He was the son of Stephen Gates Sr. and Ann Veare.
Stephen married Sarah Woodward. Sarah was born on 3 Feb 1642/1643 in Watertown, MA. She was the daughter of George Woodward and Mary Gibson. She died on 15 Sep 1707 in Stow, MA .

Stephen - settled first in Boston, but in 1673 bought a tract of three hundred acres of land on the Assabet river, in the town of Stow, and was one of the first proprietors of that town. His brother Thomas also located at Stow, and the name of Gates has been numerous there. He was one of the early proprietors of the town of Preston, Connecticut, and some of his children settled there.
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Stephen Gates was born on 17 Jul 1665 in Lancaster, MA and died on 4 Nov 1732 in Preston, New London, CT . See #3. below.
----- Third Generation -----
3. Stephen Gates - was born on 17 Jul 1665 in Lancaster, MA and died on 4 Nov 1732 in Preston, New London, CT . He was the son of Stephen Gates and Sarah Woodward.
Stephen married Jemima Benjamin on 8 Nov 1686 in Stow, MA. Jemima was born Feb 1666 in Barnstable, MA. She is the daughter of Joseph Benjamin and Jemima Lambert.

Stephen - was a man of considerable wealth for his time.
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Thankful Gates was born on 7 Aug 1687 in Stow, MA.
Thankful married Daniel Woodward. Daniel was born on 5 Jan 1684 in Medford, MA. He was the son of Daniel Woodward and Elizabeth Dana. He died on 29 May 1752 in Preston, New London, CT .
See Woodward family for children.

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