de Lexington Family Genealogy
de Lexington Family Genealogy

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1. Richard de Lexington - was born about 1170, lived in Nottinghamshire, England.
Richard married Matilda de Cauz.

Richard - - William, Lord of East Markham, inherited the estates of his father, Sir Alexander. He greatly increased his paternal inheritance by his marriage with Cecilia de Lexington, one of the six children of Richard de Lexington and his wife, Matilda de Cauz. Of his three sons, John was Lord Keeper to Henry III in 1238, 1242, and 1247-8, Governor of the castles of Bolsover and Oxford; Robert was Lord of Lexington; Henry was Bishop of Lincoln. All three died without issue. The two daughters who married were Alice, wife of Sir Roland de Sutton, whose descendant, in after years, obtained the title of Baron Lexington; and Cecilia, wife of William Markham. So that Sutton and Markham divided the rich Lexington inheritance.
Laxton or Lexington, three miles south by west of Tuxford, and five miles east of Ollerton, is a considerable village on a pleasant declivity, celebrated for having given the title of baron to a family of its own name, and afterwards to the Suttons of Averham. Before the Norman invasion it belonged to Tochi, and was afterwards part of the fee of Goisford de Alselin, which was in the reign of Henry I, divided into two great baronies possessed by Ralph de Alselin of Shelford, and Robert de Caux of Lexington. In the reign of John, Richard de Lexington, who had his name from the residence of his ancestors, held lands here of the de Caux family, and having purchased large estates at other places, was summoned to parliament under the title of Baron Lexington. Henry de Lexington, the fourth Baron Lexington, died in 1257, when the title became extinct, and his property was divided betwixt his nephews and heirs, Richard de Mareham and William de Sutton, from the latter of whom descended Robert Sutton who, in 1645, was created Baron Lexington of Averham, but at the death of his successor of the same name, in 1723, the title again became extinct, and has not since been revived, though some time ago, it was expected to have been conferred upon that branch of the Sutton family, now resident at Kelham, one of whom was Charles Manners Sutton, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1792 until his death in 1805, and his son of the same name, who long held the office of Speaker in the House of Commons, but none of them have any property in this parish.
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i.  Alice de Lexington was born about 1195.
Alice married Rowland de Sutton about 1215. Rowland was born about 1195 in Averham, Nottingham, England. He was the son of Harvey de Sutton 4th. He died before 1259 .
See de Sutton family for children.
ii.  Cecilia de Lexington

Cecilia - married William de Markham.

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