de Avesnes Family Genealogy
de Avesnes Family Genealogy

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1. Jean de Avesnes I - was born Apr 1218 in Houffalize, Luxembourg, Belgium and died on 24 Dec 1257 in Valenciennes, Nord, France .
Jean married Countess Aleida of Holland Sep 1246. Countess Aleida was born about 1226, lived in 'S-Hertogenbo, Noord Brabant, Netherlands.
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i.  Count Jean de Avesnes II was born about 1247, lived in Valenciennes, Nord, France and died Sep 1304 in Valenciennes, Nord, France . See #2. below.
----- Second Generation -----
2. Count Jean de Avesnes II - was born about 1247, lived in Valenciennes, Nord, France and died Sep 1304 in Valenciennes, Nord, France . He was the son of Jean de Avesnes I and Countess Aleida of Holland.
Count Jean married Countess Philippine de Luxembourg in 1270. Countess Philippine was born about 1252, lived in Luxembourg. She was the daughter of Count Henri V "the Blond" de Luxembourg and Marguerite de Bar. She died on 6 Apr 1311 in Valenciennes, Nord, France .
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i.  Count Guillaume de Avesnes III was born in 1280 in Hainault, France and died on 7 Jun 1337 in Valenciennes . See #3. below.
----- Third Generation -----
3. Count Guillaume de Avesnes III - was born in 1280 in Hainault, France and died on 7 Jun 1337 in Valenciennes . He was the son of Count Jean de Avesnes II and Countess Philippine de Luxembourg.
Count Guillaume married Countess Jeanne de Valois on 29 May 1305 in Belgium. Countess Jeanne was born about 1294 in Valois, France. She was the daughter of Count Charles de Valois and Princess Marquerite of Sicily. She died in 1352 .

Count Guillaume - - Count of Hainault.
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i.  Queen Philippa of Hainault was born about 1314, lived in Mons,Hainaut,Belgium and died on 14 Aug 1369 in Windsor Castle,Windsor,Berkshire,England .
Queen Philippa married King Edward III of England on 24 Jan 1327 in York, England. King Edward was born on 13 Nov 1312 in Windsor Castle,Windsor,Berkshire,England. He was the son of King Edward II of England and Queen Isabella of France. He died on 21 Jun 1377 in Sheen Palace,Surrey,England .

Queen Philippa - Philippa is remembered by history as a tender-hearted woman, who interceded with her husband and persuaded him to spare the lives of the six burghers of Calais, whom he had planned to execute as an example to the townspeople.

Michael Packe in his book King Edward III gives us a delightful description of the kin
g and queen's first meeting:
"He spied on the unwitting sisters, and pounced on the youngest of them, Philippa by name', at the time eight years old and nearest in age to Edward, who was nearly seven years. He had then subjected her to a minute and terrifying scrutiny. Apart from some criticism of her remaining baby teeth (they were 'not so white', he had found little fault with her solid physiognomy. Her hair betwixt blue-black and brown and not uncomely', her forehead large; her eyes blackish brown and deep, her nose though 'somewhat broad at the tip and also flattened', was 'yet no snub-nose'; her mouth was wide and generous, her ears and chin were 'comely enough', her mouth was wide and generous, she was of middle height for her age, well taught, and of 'fair carriage'.
'Her neck, shoulders, and all her body and lower limbs are reasonably well shapen; all her limbs are well set and unmaimed; and nought is amiss so far as a man may see. Moreover, she is brown of skin all over, and much like her father; and in all things she is pleasant enough to look at it seems to us.'

The Flemish master, Jean de Leige, worked in France and he influenced the English sculpture. Among his most important and representative tomb monuments is that of the queen of England, made in London in 1367. It can be seen, still in an excellent state of preservation, in the choir of the Westminster Abbey. It shows the recumbent figure of Philippa of Hainaut, wife of Edward Iii, who died in 1369. Her features as represented on the tomb give the impression of an individual likeness. The rather pudgy face with its thick neck and double chins suggests a basis in a life-mask.
See Plantagenet family for children.
Image of Queen Phillipa of Hainault

Queen Phillipa of Hainault

from "Queens of England" -1894 - provided by Cindy Jackola.
(Click here to view full size image.)
Image of Tomb of Philippa Hainault

Tomb of Philippa Hainault

Westminster Abbey, London

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