Cornwell Family Genealogy
Cornwell Family Genealogy

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1. William Cornwell - was born about 1579 in England.
William married Margaret Hayward. (Sources: - 1)
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  William Cornwell was born about 1609 in Terling, Essex, England and died on 21 Feb 1677/1678 in Middletown, Ct . See #2. below.
----- Second Generation -----
2. William Cornwell - was born about 1609 in Terling, Essex, England and died on 21 Feb 1677/1678 in Middletown, Ct . He was the son of William Cornwell and Margaret Hayward.
William married Mary before 1640.

William - came to Massachusetts about 1634. He and his first wife, Joan, were members, in 1635, of Rev. John Eliot's church at Roxbury. In 1636 he went with the 'Great Removal' to Connecticut, and in 1637 was one of the thirty-seven soldiers from Hartford in the expedition against the Pequod Indians.
In 1638 he was at Saybrook. In 1639 he was back in Hartford and had a house lot of eight acres there, 'No. 54, west of South St., south from the Lane' (near the north end of the present 1895 Village St.). In the earliest record of his land at Hartford, dated February. 1639, he is spoken of as 'William Cornwell. Sergeant at Arms.' He lived in Hartford till 1651; was a member of the church there, and probably all his children by his second wife, Mary, were born there; but he did not reside all of that period in the village, for a document dated 1648 speaks of him as 'at present resident in Hocanum, in the bounds of Hartford.' In 1651 he removed with the first settlers to Middletown. His house lot there was 'neare ye landing place by ye springe' (present corner of Main and Washington Streets). His lands at Middletown on both sides of the Connecticut River were first recorded February 30, 1657,-total amount 903 acres. He was representative from Middletown in 1654, '57, '64 and '65. In 1664 he was constable at Middletown. In 1666 he received a grant of land in East Hartford for his services in the Pequod war-(knowledge of this fact has been traditionary in the family).
His town privileges, right of common, etc., in Hartford, he held by the 'courtise of the town.' In 1667 the General Court at Hartford 'freed William Cornwell's head from the paying of rates.' July 10, 1668, he joined the recently organized church at Middletown. In 1670 he was assessed at Middletown on £160, which was one of the largest assessments on the list of fifty-two householders. April 2, 1674, he made his will, in which he speaks of himself as 'being well stricken in years (though, through mercy, in as perfect use of my understanding as ordinarily men are of my years), expecting my change to be very near.' He divides his property among his eight children, John, William, Samuel, Jacob, Thomas, Sarah, Hester Willcox, and Elizabeth Hall, and makes careful provision for his 'loving wife, Mary Cornwall,' both during her widowhood and in the possible event of her marrying again and being in need. He requests his 'loving brothers and friends Deac. Stocking and to Deac. Hall' to oversee and execute the will, to which he signs his name.
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  John Cornwell was born Apr 1640 in Hartford, Ct and died on 2 Nov 1707 .

John - On 8 Jun 1665 John married Martha Peck (240) , daughter of Dea. Paul Peck (93) (ca 1609-23 Dec 1695) & Martha Peck, in Middletown, CT.41 Born in 1641 in Hartford, CT.4 Martha died on 1 Mar 1708
ii.  William Cornwell was born on 24 Jun 1641 in Hartford, Ct and died on 15 Jun 1691 . See #3. below.
iii.  Samuel Cornwell was born Sep 1642 in Hartford, Ct and died on 6 Dec 1728 in Middletown, Ct .

Samuel - On 15 Jan 1667 Samuel married Rebecca Bull, daughter of William Bull, in Middletown, CT.
iv.  Jacob Cornwell was born Sep 1646 in Hartford, Ct and died on 18 Apr 1708 in Middletown, Ct .

Jacob - resided in Middletown. He inherited his father's house.53
On 16 Jan 1677 Jacob married Mary White, daughter of Capt. Nathaniel White, in Middletown, CT.
v.  Sarah Cornwell was born Oct 1647 in Hartford, Ct.

Sarah - On 16 Oct 1675 Sarah married Daniel Hubbard, in Middletown, CT.
vi.  Thomas Cornwell was born Sep 1648 in Hartford, Ct and died Nov 1702 .

Thomas - In Nov 1672 Thomas married Sarah Clark, in Middletown, CT. They had 10 children.
vii.  Esther Cornwell was born May 1650 in Hartford, Ct and died on 2 May 1733 .

Esther - bef 1672 Esther first married John Wilcox Jr.
Ester was John's fourth wife.
bef 1679 Esther second married John Stow
viii.  Elizabeth Cornwell was born Jan 1651/1652.

Elizabeth - by 1670 Elizabeth married Capt. John Hall of Middletown. They had one child:
----- Third Generation -----
3. William Cornwell - was born on 24 Jun 1641 in Hartford, Ct and died on 15 Jun 1691 . He was the son of William Cornwell.
William married Mary Bull on 30 Nov 1670. Mary was born on 9 Mar 1649, lived in Middletown, MiddleSex, Ct.. She was the daughter of William Bull. She died on 25 Nov 1717 in Middletown, Ct. .
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  William Cornwell was born in 1671 and died in 1747 .
ii.  Jacob Cornwell was born in 1673.
iii.  Experience Cornwell was born on 14 Apr 1682 in W. Tisbury, Mass. and died on 17 May 1730 in Windham, Conn. .
Experience married Arthur Bibbins in 1705. Arthur was born on 12/28 Apr 1686. He was the son of Arthur Bevin. He died Feb 1788 .
See Bibbins family for children.
iv.  Abigail Cornwell was born before 1689.
v.  Ebenezer Cornwell was born in 1689.
vi.  Eliezur Cornwell was born in 1692.
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