Blossom Family Genealogy
Blossom Family Genealogy

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1. Thomas Blossom - was born about 1600 in Leyden, Holland. and died about 1633 in Plymouth, Mass. .
Thomas married Anna. Anna was born about 1600.

Anna - after Dea. Thomas's death in 1633, she married Henry Rowley. They moved to Barnstable in 1639.

Thomas - Moved from Leyden to Plymouth, England - but being on board the Speedwell, he did not obtain passage on the Mayflower. He came over in 1629 to Salem. He was the first Deacon of the Church In Plymouth, Mass. (Sources: - 1 (pg 205) )
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Thomas Blossom was born about 1620 in Leyden, Holland and died on 22 Apr 1650 in Nausett .

Thomas - was a landholder in Barnstable in 1647. He was a mariner at the time of his death.
ii.  Peter Blossom was born in 1648 in Barnstable, Mass. and died in 1706 in Barnstable, Mass. . See #2. below.
----- Second Generation -----
2. Peter Blossom - was born in 1648 in Barnstable, Mass. and died in 1706 in Barnstable, Mass. . He was the son of Thomas Blossom.
Peter married Sarah Bodfish on 21 Jun 1663 in Barnstable, Mass.. Sarah was born in 1638 in Sandwich, MA. She was the daughter of Robert Bodfish. She died on 3 Oct 1704 in Barnstable, MA .

Peter - together with his brother Thomas, was granted a lot at Cotuit. His farm, containing 40 acres of upland, was on the east of the Bursley farm, and separated from it by Boat Cove. He owned twelve acres of meadow land.
Children: (Quick Family Chart)
i.  Mercy Blossom was born on 9 Apr 1664 in Barnstable, Mass. and died in 1670 in Barnstable, Mass. .
ii.  Thomas Blossom was born on 20 Dec 1667 in Barnstable, Mass..

Thomas - married Fear Robinson in 1695. Resided in West Barnstable. 5 children.
iii.  Sarah Blossom was born in 1669 in Barnstable, Mass. and died in 1671 in Barnstable, Mass. .
iv.  Joseph Blossom was born on 10 Dec 1673 in Barnstable, Mass..

Joseph - married Mary Pinchon in 1696 - she died in 1706 and he married a Mary. 6 children.
v.  Thankful Blossom was born in 1675 in Barnstable, Mass..

Thankful - married Joseph Fuller in 1700.
vi.  Mercy Blossom was born Aug 1678 in Barnstable, Mass. and died in 1759 in Sandwich, Mass. .
Mercy married Shubael Howland on 13 Dec 1700 in Barnstable, Mass.. Shubael was born on 30 Sep 1672 in Barnstable, Mass.. He was the son of John Howland and Mary Lee. He died in 1737 in Sandwich, Mass. .
See Howland family for children.
vii.  Jabez Blossom was born on 16 Feb 1680 in Barnstable, Mass..

Jabez - married Mary Goodman in 1710.
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